20 Gorgeous Short Haircuts For Curly Hair That Will Make You Ditch The Straightener

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Finding amazing short haircuts for curly hair can be a total battle – trust me, I know from experience. Both my mom and I have fought against our natural ringlets for years, getting cuts that never quite worked with our textures. Too often, stylists try to tame our beautiful curls into submission rather than enhancing and celebrating them.

But not anymore! This list of 20 amazing short curly cuts proves your hair can look its absolute best when you lean into those lush, bouncy spirals. From edgy pixies to sassy bobs, each of these styles is designed to bring out the gorgeous definition and movement of your curl pattern. No more frizzy triangle head or limp lengths weighing you down. Just fresh, breezy shapes that put those ringlets on display.

Whether you have tight corkscrews or looser waves, a spunky highlighted hue or gorgeous grays, there’s a low-maintenance, flattering look for you. Get ready to fall in love with your natural texture all over again!

20 Short Haircuts For Curly Hair Guaranteed To Turn Heads

1. Forward Facing Curls

Short Curly Haircuts Forward Facing Curls

For those who love their ringlets front and center, this short curly cut is a showstopper. With the curls gently framing and falling forward around the face, you get maximum curl definition and shape. It’s a flawless way to play up your natural texture without any frizz or flyaways getting in the way.

2. Middle Part Chin Length Bob

Short Curly Haircuts Middle Part Chin Length Bob

This middle-parted chin bob offers cute, breezy style for curly girls. The shorter length provides wonderful curl enhancement and shape around the face. No more fighting frizzy lengths or triangle head – just beautiful, bouncy definition. Part in the middle or off-center to switch up the look.

3. Boxy Pixie

Short Curly Haircuts Boxy Pixie

Why not go super short and chic with this boxy curly pixie? The cropped, angled layers create a shapely, architectural silhouette that brings out the best in your curl pattern. It’s a liberating way to embrace your natural texture while removing length and weight. Style with a curl cream to enhance definition.

4. Volume at Crown with Natural Curls

Short Curly Haircuts Volume at Crown with Natural Curls

Ask any curly-haired girl – getting volume and lift at the crown is a major challenge. This style solves that by strategically building height on top while allowing beautiful natural ringlets to fall freely around the sides. Scrunch in a volumizing mousse to amplify the lifted shape.

5. Side Parted Chin Length Bob With Lots of Volume

Short Curly Haircuts Side Parted Chin Length Bob Lots of Volume

For those who want major curl power, this voluminous chin-grazing bob delivers incredible shape and movement. The deep side part and piecey layers create a full, lifted silhouette that puts your curl texture on display. It strikes the perfect balance between edgy and pretty.

6. Layered Curly Bob

Short Curly Haircuts Layered Bob

Light, feathered layers are a curly girl’s best friend for keeping shape and eliminating bulk. This layered curly bob does just that, with layers gently framing and accentuating the face. You get body, movement and enhanced curl definition in one perfectly tousled style.

7. Curly Wedge Cut on Gray Hair

Short Curly Haircuts Wedge Cut on Gray Hair

Let your gorgeous silver or gray curls shine with this asymmetrical wedge cut. The short angled layers in back create a fabulous lifted shape, while face-framing pieces in front add softness. It’s a fresh take on a traditional curly style and perfect curly haircut for women over 60.

8. Pixie with Curly Bangs on Gray Hair

Short Curly Haircuts PIxie with Curly Bangs on gray hair

Another cute short curly hair option for older ladies, this curly pixie with short bangs amps up the youthful edginess. The tight, defined curls and closely-cropped layers deliver mega shape and texture without any heaviness. Just a quick zhuzh with pomade or gel enhances those gorgeous ringlets.

9. Pixie with Natural Tight Curls

Short Curly Haircuts Natural Tight Curls

This cropped curly pixie makes a bold statement for ladies rocking tight, coily curls. The closely-shorn layers provide wonderful shape and definition to dense natural textures. To refresh these curls, use a leave-in cream or butter to hydrate and enhance those delicious coils and ringlets. A little gel can also help mold and hold the tight curls into place for a sculpted pixie look. With the right products, you get a fiercely chic yet low-maintenance style that puts your gorgeous natural texture on full display.

10. Short Curly Bob with Bangs

Short Curly Haircuts Short Bob with Bangs

Curly bangs instantly freshen and soften any look. This curly bob with bangs skims the neckline for shape and swing, while long wispy bangs draw attention to your gorgeous eyes and cheekbones. Flat iron just the bangs if desired, while leaving the rest of your curls natural and free.

11. Chin Length With Curly Curtain Bangs

Short Curly Haircuts Chin Length With Curtain Bangs

Trendy curtain bangs put a stylish spin on this classic curly chin-length bob. The cheekbone-grazing fringe creates a flirty frame around your face, with lovely curls cascading around shoulders in back. It’s an easy, breezy style for the curly girl on the go.

12. Simple Short Curly Bob

Short Curly Haircuts Short bob

When it comes to effortless curly style, you can’t beat a simple short bob. By removing weight and length, your gorgeous ringlets are free to spring up with shape and vigor. This universally flattering cut works on any curl type or texture and requires very little styling.

13. Ear Length with Subtle Highlights

Short Curly Haircuts Ear length with subtle highlights

Go short and sassy with this ear-length curly crop featuring delicate, face-framing highlights. The stunning dimension and pops of brightness enhance your natural curl pattern beautifully. With its slightly longer bangs, this style works equally well on straight or curly hair.

14. With Wispy Bangs

Short Curly Haircuts With Wispy Bangs

Soft, wispy bangs offer an undone, ethereal vibe when paired with luscious curls. This style gets its shape by allowing curls to gently hug the face while cascading to shoulders in back. The side-swept bangs lend an effortlessly cool, French girl aesthetic to the overall look.

15. Asymmetrical Curls

Short Curly Haircuts Aysmmetrical Curls

Go bold and edgy with an asymmetrical, dramatically angled cut designed to accentuate your natural curl pattern. Shorter on one side and fuller on the other, it creates funky, exaggerated texture and movement. It’s the ideal look for curly girls wanting something modish and unexpected.

16. Copper Ear Length Curls

Short Curly Haircuts Copper Ear Length Curls

Let your fiery spirit shine with this vivacious copper hue on an adorable ear-length curly style. The warm, multidimensional tones look radiant alongside your lush, shiny ringlets. With its universally flattering shape and face-framing layers, it’s a fresh and youthful look.

17. Chin Length With Side Swept Bangs

Short Curly Haircuts Chin Length With Side Swept Bangs

For an added touch of romance, try this chin-grazing curly cut with sweeping side bangs. The lush, cheek-skimming fringe draws the eye up towards your gorgeous features. Meanwhile, those springy curls bounce airily around the shoulders in back, creating lovely movement.

18. Auburn Chin Length

Short Curly Haircuts Auburn Chin Length

Just a few reddish-brown auburn pieces livens up this classic chin-length curly bob. The warm tones add luscious depth and dimension to your curl pattern, enhancing shine and shape. Finished with a hint of frizz cream, it’s a gently tousled and alluring look.

19. Icy Blonde Layered Cut

Short Curly Haircuts Icy Blonde Layered Cut

Beat the brassy blues with this icy blonde, layered number. The pale, cool-toned shade illuminates your complexion and makes those ringlets pop. Long layers framing the face create gorgeous shape and swing, allowing curls to bounce and flow freely.

20. Low Maintenance Short Cut

Short Curly Haircuts Low Maintenance Short Cut

Short and sassy, this low-maintenance curly crop is all about enhancing your natural pattern with very little fuss. The tight, cropped layers on top provide wonderful lift and shape, shedding length for maximum curl definition. Just scrunch in a bit of curl cream and go – this cut is perfect for busy moms or ladies on the go!

Final Word

At the end of the day, having curly hair is an absolute blessing – those luscious ringlets are something to cherish, not fight against. The right short haircut helps enhance and celebrate your gorgeous natural texture rather than trying to tame or straighten it into submission. Whether you opt for a edgy, volumized pixie, flirty curtain-banged bob, or breezy laidback layers, the key is finding a style that works with your curl pattern.

No more frizzy frustration or heavy lengths dragging down your bounce. With a perfectly tapered cut, your spirals and waves can truly shine in all their brilliant, defined glory. Best of all, many of these looks are surprisingly low-maintenance. Once your curl-loving stylist dials in the ideal shape, you can simply scrunch in a little product and head out the door looking effortlessly chic and radiant.

So embrace that gorgeous head of curls! One of these fresh, flawlessly cut short styles is sure to help you fall head-over-heels for your natural texture all over again. It’s time to start wearing your curly hair with confidence and pride!

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