20 Très Chic Ways to Rock the Short French Bob Hairstyle

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The French bob is hands down one of the chicest, most coveted short haircuts around. This cropped, shoulder-skimming cut perfectly blends edgy and feminine style for an instantly cool, Parisian-inspired look. 

But the French bob is anything but basic – from tousled and textured to sleek and asymmetrical, there are endless chic variations on this timeless cut.

While the bob has certainly stood the test of time, the modern French rendition gives the classic crop an insouciantly undone twist. These shorter, shaggier bobs embrace movement, texture, and strategic layers for an effortlessly disheveled look. 

With stylish finishing touches like bangs, undercuts, and dimensional color, each French bob has its own distinct je ne sais quoi.

Ready to join the French bob hair revolution? Let these 20 trendy takes on the look inspire your next big chop. Trust us, these short and sassy cuts will have you saying “ooh la la!”

What’s Considered A Short French Bob Haircut?

So, what exactly is a short French bob? It’s a cool, uncomplicated style where your hair is cut blunt just around the jawline, USUALLY paired often with straight-across bangs that lightly cover the eyebrows. This haircut’s got a bit of an artsy, Parisian vibe—simple but with a lot of styles.

According to hairstylist Alena Giuliani, the French bob offers several appealing benefits. She highlights its chic and trendy appeal, noting its versatility with various hair textures. Giuliani points out that this style can be easily adapted to enhance the hair’s natural texture.

She also mentions that French bobs look particularly striking with generous bangs and have a graceful grow-out phase. Additionally, she appreciates how the cut beautifully accentuates the neck and profile, adding a touch of elegance.

So what’s not to love? Let’s get into our 20 inspiring ideas!

20 Short French Bob Ideas That Are Super Cool

1. The Classic French Bob

image 36

The quintessential no-fuss French bob hits right at the chin line with blunt ends and minimal layering. This version keeps hair sleek, polished and perfectly uniform in length. A deep middle part adds subtle shape and movement. It’s the epitome of chic, laid-back hair.

2. Textured French Bob with Bangs

image 2 5

A choppy shag takes the French bob in an edgier, rocker-inspired direction. Textured waves, strategic layers, and feathered bangs build boundless movement and dimension into this shoulder-skimming style. Enhance the bedhead effect with a texturizing pomade or powder. Très cool!

3. Sleek Asymmetrical French Bob 

asymmetrical french bob


This precise, graphic asymmetric bob offers a bold, high-fashion spin on the French cut. With slightly angled lines and one side stacked shorter than the other, the impeccably sleek asymmetrical bob instantly sharpens and flatters any face shape. It’s a study in smooth, blunt perfection.  

4. Angled French Bob with Undercut  

image 1 12

For a fearlessly edgy French bob variation, look no further than the undercut. This look flawlessly fuses classic and contemporary, with a timeless chin-length bob juxtaposed against a drastically shaved lower nape section. The undercut adds an undeniably cool, statement-making element.

5. Soft Layered French Bob

image 33

Who says the French bob has to be one streamlined, blunt length? With delicate inward layers framing the face, this soft look brings plenty of romantic movement and Parisian flair. The versatile layered bob can take on a sleeker or shaggier vibe depending on your styling. 

6. French Bob with Curtain Bangs

french bob with curtain bangs

Bring on an update on the classic with this thoroughly modern take on the French bob and bangs combo! sleek curtain bangs that sweep past the cheekbones lend a vintage flair while the jaw-length bob keeps things chic and undone. It’s a beautifully nostalgic blend of old and new.

7. Razored French Bob with Shaggy Layers

image 37

Get messy in the best way possible with a distinctly razored, shaggy take on the French bob. This thoroughly textured cut forgoes any strict lines or angles in favor of choppy, piecey layers distinctly carved out throughout. When styled with mussed-up waves, it’s a deliciously imperfect look.

8. Curly French Bob for Natural Texture

image 38

Ladies, leave those curls and coils free! The curly French bob flatters and enhances natural ringlets, coils and waves rather than trying to conceal them. Your hair type gets to shine in this jaw-grazing shag-like style adorned with curlicious layers and fringe. Just be sure to embrace your texture!

9. Blunt French Bob with Highlights

short french bob with highlights

A chin-grazing blunt bob alone makes a major statement, but add in some dimensional coloring and baby, you’ve got a showstopper! Chunky money pieces or balayage highlights framing the face add depth and brightness to get this blunt bob trending. Prepare for all the compliments!

10. French Bob with Nape Undercut

image 35

You get the best of both worlds with this chic hybrid cut combining shaved nape detailing and a forgiving, chin-grazing French bob in front. The undercut in the back provides a daring, edgy contrast to the sleek, uniformly cut bob front section. So undeniably stylish!  

11. Wavy French Bob with Side Part

image 1 10

A casual side-parting breathes laid-back, Parisian-girl vibes into an otherwise prim bob. This intentionally tousled wavy lob gives off that signature “I woke up like this” look while still feeling perfectly put together. Elevate it with après beach-esque texture and movement.

12. Inverted French Bob

inverted short french bob

For an updated twist on the classic French bob, try this inwardly angled, inverted version! The hair gradually gets stacked shorter and shorter toward the back, creating a curved shape that cleverly contours the head. This tailored yet trendy inverted bob is fashion-forward and flattering.

13. French Bob with Baby Bangs

image 1 11

Prepare to make a major statement with this bold take on the French bob and bangs! Delicate micro bangs graze the brows and forehead, adding a touch of retro charm to the look. Keep the rest of the bob sleek and precise for beautiful contrast with those sweet baby bangs.  

14. Choppy Pixie-Bob French Cut


Can’t decide between a pixie or a bob? Meet the best of both worlds – the choppy French pixie bob! This neck-hugging, razored cut blends the close crop and shagginess of a pixie with a touch more length through the front. It’s a sassy, low-maintenance option for those seeking short hair with movement.

15. Chin-Length Blunt French Bob

image 3 4

For a thoroughly polished and timeless take on the French bob, look no further than this chin-skimming uniform length. Blunt, thick ends give this bob its characteristic Parisian polish, while a deep side part creates soft, face-framing movement. You’ll never go out of style!

16. Graduated French Bob with Layers

layered graduated french bob

Add beautiful shape and flow to your French bob with soft, graduated layers that curve inward toward the face. Slightly shorter pieces in the back cascade into longer layers framing the front, creating a gorgeous dimension. Style with beachy waves or a sleek blowout for versatile chic.

17. Edgy Disconnected French Bob  

disconnected french bob

This is not your garden variety French bob! The edgy, disconnected version takes textured to a whole new level with shattered, jagged layers carved throughout. Choppy, detached pieces in the back drastically juxtapose with a clean, uniform length in front for mega punk vibes.

18. Tousled Undone French Bob

image 2 6

Get that coveted “French girl hair” look with this perfectly imperfect, tousled French bob. Messy, carefully-sculpted waves are the key to achieving that signature nonchalant style. Use a wave spray or texturizing pomade to boost body and grit, then scrunch in tousled sections.

19. Feathered 70s-Inspired French Bob


Turn up the retro glam with this vintage-inspired take on the French cut! Feathered layers throughout create luscious, flowy movement reminiscent of ’70s shag cuts. Keep the French bob’s classic length but with a feathered, heavily-layered finish for a groovy, boho twist.

20. Two-Toned Dimensional French Bob  

image 34

Who says bobs have to be all one color? Spice up your chin-length French bob with multi-tonal, dimensional hair color! Money pieces around the face, bold streaks or even a full head of chunky highlights instantly modernize this classic haircut. The two-toned finish adds striking depth.

Which French Bob Cut Will You Try?     

With its effortless sophistication and undeniable cool factor, the French bob has cemented its status as one of the trendiest short hairstyles around. 

Whether you keep things sleek and minimal or get downright edgy with layers, undercuts and textures galore, there’s a flattering and chic French bob to suit every taste.

Frequently Asked Questions About Short French Bob Hairstyles  

Considering a big chop to this shoulder-grazing length? You probably have some questions about the French bob before taking the plunge. Here’s everything you need to know!

1. Will a short French bob suit my face shape? 

The great thing about the French bob is that it looks flattering on practically every face shape! Those with more angular jawlines and cheekbones can opt for a super sleek, blunt french bob to enhance those features. 

If you have a rounder face, go for more layers and texture like a shaggy french bob to create dimension. Bangs also help add structure.

2. How much maintenance does a French bob require?

While the low-maintenance, wash-and-go texture of many French bobs is a huge selling point, you’ll still need regular trims every 6-8 weeks to keep your shape looking fresh. 

Blunter versions may require more frequent trips to maintain the sharp lines, while shaggier styles allow a bit more grow-out time between cuts.

3. Can I still wear my hair up with a French bob? 

Absolutely! While most opt to let their French bob hair down and rock that perfectly tousled, undone aesthetic, bobby pins and mini hair clips are your friends for creating easy updos. 

Let some face-framing layers hang loose or tuck everything up into a low bun or twisted chignon on lazy hair days.

4. Should I get bangs with my French bob? 

Bangs can definitely elevate and add interest to any French bob! Curtain and baby bangs are very on-trend, while classic full fringe also pairs beautifully with the chin-length cut. 

Remember that bangs do require a bit more styling and frequent trims to avoid any shaggy grow-out. But they’re an easy way to change up your look!

5. What styling products work best for French bobs?     

To nail that perfectly imperfect French bob texture, look for volumizing mousses, wave sprays, and piecey molding products that provide airy, tousled definition. 

Sea salt sprays and dry shampoos are also key for creating the slightly gritty, piecey look without weighing hair down or compromising movement.


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