These 16 Pool Hairstyles Will Make A Serious Splash This Summer

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When the temperature heats up, the last thing you want is your hair stuck to your neck in a sweaty mess. But that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a basic ponytail or tossing your hair up into a ho-hum bun. his summer, I’m proving that these cute pool hairstyles can be just as stylish as any other ‘do!

From intricate braids to laid-back buns, I’ve rounded up 16 insanely chic yet practical pool hairstyles that were made for lazy days spent lounging in the sunshine. These looks keep every strand contained and off your face, perfect for taking a dip without worrying about your hair. And they work whether you have short hair, long hair, or medium hair. They’re also outrageously on-trend and fashion-forward.

16 Easy Pool Hairstyles You’ll Want To Recreate

1. Effortlessly Cool Simple Braid Pool Hairstyle

simple braid pool hairstyle

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to pool hair. This single casual braid is the epitome of easy, breezy style. Simply sweep all your hair back and weave them into one braid – no fuss required! The result keeps your hair beautifully contained yet maintains an undone, carefree vibe that’s perfect for lounging or splashing around. It’s an insanely low-maintenance look that still appears intentionally styled.

2. Fun-Loving Space Buns Pool Hairstyle

space buns pool hairstyle

Why have one bun when you can rock two adorably quirky space buns? These kooky double top knots instantly add a touch of playfulness and personality to any pool ‘do. Start by separating your hair into two sections on either side of your part. Twist each into a mini bun, securing with an elastic or bobby pins. The cheeky, youthful finish is equal parts cute and cool while keeping every last strand securely in place.

3. Boho-Chic Twisted then Braided Pool Hairstyle

twisted then braided pool hairstyle

For those bohemian babes, this intricately woven style combines twists and braids into one showstopping masterpiece. Start by twisting strands back from your hairline in rope-like twists. Then secure with an elastic and braid those twists together with the remaining lengths, creating a beautifully textured braid. The resulting look has gorgeous dimension that creates a stylish yet laidback vibe, even at the pool.

4. Trendy Ponytail with Matching Bandana Pool Hairstyle

ponytail wtih matching bandana pool hairstyle

A classic high pony gets a major style upgrade with this pool look that has fashion “it” girl written all over it. First, gather all your hair into a sleek ponytail. Then wrap a printed bandana or scarf around your head, tying it into a chic knot accent. It’s a fresh, on-trend way to add a pop of color and pattern coordination to your pool look. Style meets function!

5. Thick-as-Can-Be Reverse Fishtail Braid Pool Hair

thick reverse fish tail braid pool hairstyle

You’ll turn heads from the swim-up bar with this chunky reverse fishtail braid. The thick, oversized fishtail braid incorporates every last strand of hair for gorgeous shape and movement that’s perfect for containing heavy, thick, long locks. But don’t worry – it still appears intricately chic thanks to that dimensional fishtail weave.

6. Tropical Scarf Tied Around Hair

scarf tied aroudn hair pool hairstyle

For those mornings when you hit snooze one too many times, there’s this ultra laid-back pool hair look to the rescue. Simply tie a printed tropical scarf around your strands however you’d like – wrapped, knotted, or bowed. This easy style instantly disguises any second (or third!) day grime while adding an effortlessly cool boho vibe. It’s a no-fuss way to look fantastic for a pool date.

7. Just-Chilling-On-Vacation Single Braid with Beach Hat

single braid with beach hat pool hairstyle

Why not lean into full vacation mode with this breezy single braid paired with an oversized floppy sun hat? Channel your favorite travel influencer as you loosely weave all your strands into one casual braid. Then top it off with an awesome wide-brimmed topper and you’ve got the quintessential “Do Not Disturb” look for ultimate poolside relaxation. Pina colada optional but highly encouraged.

8. Lived-in Messy Bun with Scarf

messy bun with scarp pool hairstyle

When you can’t decide between a bun or scarf style, why not have both? This cool-girl look starts with an intentionally imperfect top knot – the messier the better. Once secured with a hair tie, wrap a printed bandana or hair wrap around the base and tie it into your desired style. The final result screams “I woke up like this” while still appearing effortlessly disheveled-chic. Bonus points if you spritz with a texture spray first!

9. Double Trouble Double Dutch Braids

double dutch braids pool hairstyle

You’ll be the stuff of every little girl’s hair envy with this set of thick double dutch braids. The technique is simple – create two Dutch braids by weaving the hair under rather than over for an inside-out look. Keep them tight and clean or amplify texture by gently tugging the braids apart after. Either way, you’ll score a youthful yet stylized look that’s reminiscent of those beloved summer camp days.

10. Mermaid-Approved Ultra Long Double French Braid into Single Braid

gorgeous ultra long double french braid into single braid pool hairstyle

This intricate stunner has all the makings of a modern-day fairytale princess ‘do. Begin by creating two French braids from your hairline, joining them into one single plait once you reach the back. Then continue weaving all the way down to your ends, securing with an elastic. The gloriously long single braid is pure mermaid magic with dimensional texture and shape that’s guaranteed to turn heads from the pool deck and beyond.

11. Playful Braided Pigtails Pool Hairstyle

braided pigtails pool hairstyle

Why should kids have all the fun when it comes to pigtail braids? This youthful style is equal parts nostalgic and on-trend. Part your hair down the middle or off-center, and secure into two ponytails – then braid each section from the top into two thick braids. Let a few face-framing tendrils fall loose for a whimsical finish. The double braids keep your hair securely in place while also looking adorably spirited and carefree.

12. Sleek French Braids into Ponytail

french braids into ponytail pool hairstyle

For a more polished take on braids, try this intricate French braided ponytail. Start by creating two tight French braids along your hairline, gathering them low in back into a sleek ponytail. You’ll get great texture and gorgeous shape that feels fancy yet is still ideal for swimming. Add a hair accessory like a cuff or ribbon to dress it up even more.

13. Two Simple Crown Braids Connected in Back

two crown braids connected in back pool hairstyle

This simple braided style doubles up on the dimension and texture with two braids woven from your hairline down and connected in back. The braids draw beautiful attention to your face while keeping every strand contained in an intricate pattern. Pancake or tug on the braids for added shape and volume.

14. Easy Breezy Simple Half Up Half Down Pool Look

simple half up half down pool hairstyle

On days when you want to keep it casual, this half up half down ‘do fits the bill. Create a simple half ponytail at the crown, leaving the rest of your lengths to flow freely down your back. It gets hair off your face while still allowing movement and body through the lengths.

15. French Braid into Top Bun Half Up Pool Hairstyle

french braid into top bun half up pool hairstyle

For a more styled take on half up hair, try this French braided bun. Start by creating a French braid along your hairline or part line, then seamlessly twist it up into a chic top knot. The resulting half up look has texture, dimension, and keeps lengths contained in a fun way that’s pool-ready. Mist with hairspray when you want extra hold.

16. Easy Breezy and Adorably Effortless Bun Pool Hair

easy bun pool hairstyle

For the ultimate no-fuss pool hair solution, look no further than the humble bun. Comb hair up into a high knot or low bun – whatever your heart desires. The bun shape works for all hair lengths and textures, keeping every strand off your face for a frizz-free swim. Go for a sleek twist or aim for an imperfect, messy look. Either way, it’s efficient while still looking stylishly effortless.

Wrapping It Up

At the end of the day, having a cute hairstyle for the pool or beach shouldn’t be a hassle. These 16 pool-ready ‘dos prove you can keep your locks securely off your face and shoulders without sacrificing an ounce of style.

No more stringy wet hair dilemmas or dealing with a dried-out, crunchy top knot. With a little hairspray or styling cream, you can rock a cute, long-lasting pool ‘do that’ll have you feeling confidently chic all day long.


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