These 16 Adorable Mommy and Me Hairstyles Are Twinning Goals

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Matching mommy and me hairstyles are the cutest way to twin it up with your mini! Even though my girls are too old for that now, I wish I had known about these super easy and adorably stylish mother-daughter ‘dos back in the day. From braids to buns to beachy waves,

I put together this list of my favorite looks that are simple enough for any busy mom to recreate. And you know I had to include some gorgeous inspo pics to go along with each one! Writing this was such a fun trip down memory lane. It reminded me of those special mornings spent side-by-side, brushes in hand, as we got ready together.

Sure, that mommy-and-me bonding time may be behind us, but how cute would it be to try these out for a selfie sesh?! Whether you’ve got a baby girl or a tween, I hope these hairstyles give you a reason to enjoy that mother-daughter magic. After all, is there anything sweeter than matching with your mini?

15 Insanely Cute Mommy and Me Hairstyles

Getting ready together is one of the sweetest mommy-and-me rituals. Why not make it even more special by rocking matching ‘dos? From intricate braids to fuss-free topknots, these hairstyles are perfect for twinning with your mini. Get ready for some serious hair inspo! Let’s get started!

1. Adorably Playful Mommy and Me Pigtail Braids

mommy and me matching pigtail braids

Who says pigtail braids are just for little girls? These classic yet chic braids are the perfect mommy and me ‘do for a casual day out. Quick to style and super cute, you’ll both feel like twinning it up with these functional plaits. The best part? Pigtail braids work for all hair lengths and textures, so you and your mini can rock matching ‘dos no matter your mane types.

2. Effortlessly Chic Mommy and Me Messy Buns

mommy and me matching messy buns

Some days call for an easy, breezy hairdo – and these messy top knots fit the bill! Recreate this laid-back look with your mini-me in just a few simple steps. Gather your hair into a high pony, divide into two sections, twist each into a bun, and secure with bobby pins. Bonus points for that perfectly imperfect, undone vibe that’s equal parts cute and stylishly nonchalant.

3. Sunny Mommy and Me Blonde Shoulder-Length Styles

mommy and me matching blonde shoulder length

Blonde ambition, indeed! Channel some California cool with these beachy blonde, shoulder-grazing cuts. The ideal length for low-maintenance styling, these bright ‘dos were made for that mother-daughter seaside stroll. Play up those golden highlights by misting in a hair-enhancing shine spray, then let your sunny strands air dry into tousled perfection.

4. Glitz and Glamour Mommy and Me Sparkly Barrettes

mommy and me matching sparkley barrettes

Why not doll up your ‘dos with a little embellished bling? These shimmery, bejeweled barrettes instantly elevate any basic style into a dazzling, red carpet-worthy look for you and your petite princess. Whether clipping back face-framing pieces or accenting an updo, a few strategically placed sparkly clips add major glamour. Perfect for any special occasion or just playing dress-up!

5. Sleek Mommy and Me Bobs with Bangs

mommy and me matching bob with bangs

There’s something so polished and sophisticated about a chic bob with bangs. Recreate this timeless, face-framing style with your daughter for an outing that calls for an extra-stylish vibe. First, work a smoothing serum through damp hair to calm any frizz. Then blow dry with a round brush, curling under at the ends. Lastly, spritz with a light-hold hairspray for a flawless, long-lasting bob.

6. Laid Back Matching Boho Braids

mommy and me boho braids

For an effortlessly boho vibe, you can’t beat the look of matched messy Dutch braids on you and your mini. These inside-out braids create a dimensional, dimensional pattern that looks equally cute on moms and daughters.

Part your hair down the middle and Dutch braid each side, crossing the braids under at the back before securing the ends. The key is to leave some face-framing pieces out.

Finish by lightly pulling and separating the braids further to amp up that carefree, just-woke-up-like-this look. Now you and your daughter are rocking the ultimate laid-back mommy and me ‘do!

7. Twisted Mommy and Me Twisty Buns

mommy and me matching twisty bun

A fresh spin on the classic bun, these sculpturally twisted updos add some major wow factor. Best of all, you can easily dress them up or down – perfect for moms and mini me’s constantly on-the-go. Tease some volume at the crown first, then twist and coil sections into an abstract knot on the back of your head. Set with firm-hold hairspray and you’ve got a style that can go from the playground to mommy and me night!

8. Vibrant Mommy and Me Copper Curls

mommy and me matching copper curls

Embrace your fiery side with these gorgeous ginger waves and ringlets! Warm up your morning routine by achieving this vivid, high-shine copper tone to match your little one. Use a color-depositing mask or gloss treatment to refresh those bright crimson strands. Then curl with a medium barrel iron, alternating direction for movement, and finish with a shot of anti-humidity hairspray. Talk about a ‘do that sizzles!

9. Boho-Chic Mommy and Me Braided Ponies

mommy and me matching braided ponies

Spruce up those basic ponytails by weaving in a few cute braids! These boho-inspired braided ponies are the perfect chill yet stylish mommy and me look. They may look kind of intricate but are actually super easy to do together. Talk about a fun mother-daughter hair moment!

10. Mommy and Me Matchy-Matchy Headbands

mommy and me matching headbands

For days when you’re seriously pressed for styling time, a simple headband solves all your hair problems. Opt for complementary colors or prints to coordinate this no-fuss look with your little mini. A printed satin or knotted turban style offers a chic, put-together look. While sporty ribbed or embroidered options dress up a basic pony or bun. The best part? No mirror required!

11. Double Duty Mommy and Me Double Dutch Braids

mommy and me matching double dutch braids

Why choose one braid when you can have two? These sleek double Dutch french braids keep your hair in place for any event with your mini twin. Start by parting your hair down the middle, then Dutch braid each side, crossing the braids under at the back of your head and securing the ends. This intricate look keeps every strand contained yet still looks intricately stylish.

12. Classic Mommy and Me Top Buns

mommy and me matching buns

You can never go wrong with the humble top knot! Pin up your hair into one of these timeless twisted buns – they’re perfect for any occasion and take mere minutes to master. Gather your strands up high on your crown, twist the lengths into a circular shape, then use bobby pins to secure. Make it extra sleek by wrapping a small section of hair around the base to camouflage the elastic or pins.

13. Mommy and Me Mirrored Bobs

mommy and me matching bobs

How cute would it be to twin this look with your little one? Go for classic bobs—super easy to manage and always in style. They’re perfect for moms on the go, and you’ll both look adorable, whether you’re hanging out at the park or attending a family event.

14. Pretty as a Bow Mommy and Me ‘Dos

mommy and me matching bows

Instantly girlify any hairstyle by weaving in a sweet ribbon or bow accent! Take cues from your little one’s hair and incorporate a few of these feminine flourishes yourself. A velvet bow makes an elegant addition to a chignon or low bun. While satin ribbons add a lovely contrast when woven into braids. You’ll both look as pretty as a present with these adorable extras.

15. Mommy and Me Mermaid Waves

mommy and me matching waves

Channeling all the beachy goddess vibes with these undulating waves! Create this breezy, tousled texture by misting in a salt spray before gently scrunching hair with your daughter. Allow hair to air dry for best results, then use a curling iron to enhance and elongate the waves.

16. Simple Sophistication with Mommy and Me Ponies

mommy and me matching ponytails

When in doubt, you can’t beat the ease of a classic ponytail. But don’t be boring – jazz up this go-to style by wrapping a piece of hair around the base or adding a bow. Instant elevated elegance! First, gather all your hair up high or low and secure with an elastic. Then take a 1-inch piece from the underside, wrap it around the band, and use a bobby pin to discreetly lock it in place, covering the holder.

Wrapping Up These Beautiful Mommy and Me ‘Dos

At the end of the day, twinning hair looks with your little mini is one of the most precious mommy-and-me traditions. Sure, executing some of these more intricate styles might take a little practice, but the memories you’ll make in the process are so worth it. From double dutch braids to simple buns, there’s something on this list for every vibe and occasion.

The best part? Most of these mommy and me hairstyles can be whipped up in just a few minutes using basic accessories and minimal skills. So grab those brushes and hair ties, enlist your daughter as your hairstyling apprentice, and get ready to turn some heads as a seriously stylish mother-daughter duo!

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