20 Low Maintenance Summer Haircuts You’ll Want to Rock

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Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to embrace those easy, breezy, low maintenance summer haircuts that will keep you looking and feeling cool all season long.

Let’s face it: when the sun is blazing and the humidity is through the roof, the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours in front of the mirror, wrestling with your hair. You’ve got places to be, adventures to have, and memories to make – ain’t nobody got time for high-maintenance styling!

That’s where low-maintenance summer haircuts come in. These are the styles that are all about simplicity, ease, and effortless cool. They’re the cuts that let you wash-and-go, the ones that look just as good on the beach as they do at a backyard barbecue, and the styles that keep you looking fresh and put-together with minimal effort.

But here’s the best part: low-maintenance doesn’t have to mean boring. There are countless ways to rock a fuss-free summer cut while still expressing your unique style and personality. From textured bobs to tousled lobs, from pixies to braids, the possibilities are endless.

In this article, we’ll showcase the hottest styles, the insider tips for keeping them looking fresh, and the secret weapons (a.k.a. products) that will make your summer hair routine a breeze. Whether you’re a busy mom, a globe-trotting adventurer, or just a gal who likes to keep things simple, we’ve got the perfect cut for you.

So, grab a cold drink, slather on that SPF, and let’s explore the world of easy, effortless summer hair. Trust us – your locks (and your schedule) will thank you.

20 Low Maintenance Summer Haircuts For Women

1. Blunt Bob

image 13

The blunt bob is a classic that never goes out of style. This sleek, chin-length cut is perfect for those who want a look that’s equal parts chic and effortless. It frames the face beautifully and works for all hair types. Plus, it’s incredibly low-maintenance – just blow-dry and go!

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2. Shaggy Lob  

low maintenance summer haircut shaggy lob

If you’re not quite ready for a dramatic chop, the shaggy lob (or long bob) might be your new go-to. This shoulder-grazing cut has lots of lived-in texture and movement, giving you that perfectly undone look. It’s an excellent option for those with naturally wavy or curly hair.

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3. Curtain Bangs

image 12

Curtain bangs are the ultimate cool-girl move. These face-framing fringe pieces add tons of volume and dimension to any style. They’re surprisingly versatile, too – and they instantly amp up the style in the summer when your hair may be pulled back or in a ponytail more than usual.

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4. Pixie Cut

image 11

If you’re feeling daring, why not try the classic pixie cut? This ultra-short crop is perfect for beating the summer heat. It’s edgy, it’s chic, and it puts all of your best features on display. Plus, it’s a dream for low-maintenance Queens – just a quick zhuzh with some texture paste and you’re out the door!

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5. French Bob

low maintenance summer haircut french bob

The French bob is a classic cut with a chic, Parisian twist. This chin-grazing style features blunt ends and short, brow-skimming bangs for a look that’s both gamine and incredibly stylish. It’s the perfect cut for those who want something timeless yet totally on-trend.

6. Angled Bob

low maintenance summer haircut angled bob

If you want a bob that’s anything but basic, try an angled cut. Slightly shorter in the back with longer face-framing pieces, it creates a modern, asymmetrical silhouette. It’s an edgy yet totally wearable look that flatters all face shapes.

7. Curly Shoulder Length Cut

low maintenance summer haircut curly shoulder length

If you’ve got natural curls, why not rock a shoulder-length cut this summer? It’s an easy way to beat the heat and show off your unique texture without all the fuss of longer styles. Just use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, throw in some leave-in product, and let your curls do their thing. Air-dry or diffuse, scrunch, and go. Wear it down, pull it up, add some accessories – it’s all good. This cut is all about keeping it simple and embracing what you’ve got. Perfect for those lazy summer days when you just can’t be bothered with too much styling.

8. Under Cut

image 1 4

If you dig an androgynous vibe, try the ultra-short butch cut. This cropped, masculine style is all about clean lines and precise styling. It’s a high-contrast, high-impact look that demands attention.

9. Bleached Brush Cut

image 7

For a look that’s both laid-back and put-together, go for the bleached brush cut. This short, textured crop features slightly longer hair on top that’s brushed forward or to the side. It gives off an effortlessly cool, skater-inspired vibe

10. Shoulder-Length Layers

image 1 2

Layers are the key to gorgeous movement and body, especially for longer styles. Shoulder-length layers are the perfect way to add shape and dimension while keeping your hair nice and breezy for summer. They’re especially flattering for those with fine or thin hair.

11. Blunt Bangs

image 1 1

There’s nothing quite like a set of blunt bangs to completely transform your look. These straight-across fringe pieces instantly add an edgy, retro flair to any cut. They’re also a great way to change things up if you’re not ready to chop off major length.

12. Curly Shag 

image 3 1

The shag cut is back in a big way, and it looks phenomenal on curly and coily textures. This tousled, layered style gives lots of gorgeous movement and volume while enhancing your natural pattern. It’s low-key and low-maintenance – just scrunch and go!

13. Bixie

low maintenance summer haircut bixie

Can’t choose between a pixie and a bob? Enter the Bixie, the trendy mashup that’s been making waves. This longer pixie with bob-like length is the definition of effortless cool. Short layers in the back, longer in the front, creating a tousled, piecey vibe. It’s edgy, undone, and totally chic. Long enough to tuck behind your ears, short enough to beat the heat. Works best for straight to wavy hair, but curly gals can rock it too. Just add some texture spray or pomade to keep it in check. The Bixie is the ultimate cool-girl cut for summer.

14. Faux Hawk

image 4 1

The faux hawk is a fun, spiky style that lets you channel your inner rock star without going full mohawk. It’s perfectly on-trend and gives lots of great texture and height on top. Use a strong pomade or wax to sculpt and define those bold lines and ridges.

15. Braids

image 10

Braids are the ultimate summer hair hack. From basic three-strands to intricate crowns and braided updos, they’re both stylish and functional for keeping your hair off your face and neck when it’s sweltering out. Plus, they give an automatic bohemian-chic vibe.

16. Buns

low maintenance summer hair buns

Similarly, buns are a go-to for hot summer days. They come in all sorts of shapes and styles – messy topknots, sleek chignons, double buns, you name it. Buns keep you cool while still looking totally put-together, which is a win-win in our book.

17. Headbands

image 8

Hair accessories are a must for summer, and headbands have made a major comeback. They add a cute, retro flair to any look while keeping shorter layers and fringe out of your face. Look for patterned or embellished bands to really make a statement.

18. Tousled Waves

image 2 1

Beachy waves are an eternal summer vibe, and this year’s version is all about that lived-in, tousled texture. Think messy, slept-in bends with tons of volume and movement. It’s an effortlessly sultry look that works for all lengths and textures.

19. Slicked-Back

image 9

For a more polished, high-fashion moment, go for a slicked-back style. This sleek, gelled look puts all the focus on your gorgeous bone structure while creating a striking, almost futuristic aesthetic. It’s surprisingly wearable for both day and night.

20. Messy Waves

image 1 3

Last but not least, we have messy waves – the quintessential summer hair vibe. These undone, piece-y bends look like you just rolled out of bed (or off the beach) in the best way possible. They’re low-key, low-maintenance, and incredibly sexy. Just spritz with a salt spray and go!

Change is a Hairstyle Away 

Whether you’re craving an ultra-short chop or lived-in beachy texture, this summer’s trending styles have something for everyone. So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and have some fun with your hair! After all, a fresh new ‘do might be just what you need to feel confident, creative, and ready to take on the world. 

Summer Hair Questions? I’ve Got Answers

1. How do I know if a certain cut will actually look good on me?

This is such an important consideration! My best advice is to look at inspo pics of the cut you’re digging and assess whether the models have similar face shapes, hair textures, etc. You can also pull a few photos into your next salon visit and get your stylist’s professional opinion on what will be most flattering for you.

2. I have zero time for high-maintenance styles. What’s the easiest look to style?

You’ll want to stick with cuts and styles that work with your natural texture as much as possible. Styles like messy waves, undone braids, lobs and bobs are all great low-maintenance options you can enhance with air-drying or a few spritzes of texturizing product. Avoid anything super-sleek or precise.

3. I’ve had the same cut for years and want a total restart. How do I pick a new look?

If you’re craving a dramatic change, I’d recommend making a mood board with inspo pics of styles you’re drawn to – everything from colors and lengths to textures and vibes. Once you have a clear vision, chat with your stylist about the best way to achieve that fresh look while considering your hair type, face shape and lifestyle.

4. I love switching up my hair but get bored easily. Any tips for keeping it fresh?

The key is finding one base cut or style that you love, then being creative with temporary tweaks. For example, if you get a longer angled bob, you can easily change the part, add layers or curtain bangs, experiment with waves or braids, etc. Hair accessories are another fun way to remix your look!

5. My hair is so bland and limp. How do I add movement and texture?

Girl, I feel you – I spent years struggling with flat, lifeless strands. The truth is, it often comes down to getting the right cut to enhance your hair’s natural movement and body. Shags, layers and tousled waves can work wonders. You’ll also want to nail down your product cocktail – salt sprays, texture creams and mousses are your friends.

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