19 Timeless Long Hairstyles for Women Over 60 That Prove Age Is Just a Number

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Long hairstyles for women over 60 don’t have to be a struggle. Let’s be real – finding long hairstyles that work for you can feel like an uphill battle as you get older. Thinning strands, grays, and dull texture are just a few of the not-so-fun challenges we tend to face. But having long, luscious locks past 60 is totally possible with the right cut and color!

This list is overflowing with stunning long hairstyles made for the mature lady. From brightening highlights to volume-boosting layers, each one tackles a different age-related hair issue head-on. These styles strike the perfect balance between low-maintenance and high-impact glamour. No fussing for hours in front of the mirror! Just get ready to feel sexy, vibrant, and confident again with a hot new hairstyle that proves age is just a number when it comes to gorgeous hair.

19 Gorgeous Long Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Looking for long hairstyle inspiration now that you’re over 60? This list has you covered – whether you’re rocking medium long locks, thin hair, bangs, or even glasses. We’ve gathered the trendiest styles for mature ladies, including stunning shades of silver, blonde, brunette and red. There are looks to flatter your natural texture, from beachy waves to sleek and straight.

1. Layered Beauty with Dark Blonde Lowlights

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Layered With Dark Blonde Lowlights

As we age, hair can lose body and dimension. This long layered style with blonde highlights and darker lowlights is the perfect solution! The dimensional tones add youthful brightness while long layers remove bulk and harsh lines. The overall effect frames the face softly for a flattering, rejuvenated look mature women will adore.

2. Straight and Sleek with Perfect Volume

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Straight with Volume

Long, straight hair can fall flat as we get older. But this perfectly volumized style breathes new life into sleek strands! Added height at the crown and bouncy ends create a thicker, fuller appearance. Mature women will love how this cut brightens up their face while maintaining a smooth, polished finish.

3. Layered with Lovely Bangs

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 layered with bangs

The long layered cut is a lower-maintenance length that doesn’t sacrifice style. Soft layers remove weight while long side-swept bangs skim the cheekbones for a face-framing shape mature women crave. The overall cut has a flattering, youthful vibe that works perfectly with natural air-dried texture.

4. Gorgeous Glamour Braids

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 gorgeous braids

Intricate braids instantly dress up long locks in an elegantly timeless way. These woven details add fun, youthful flair older women adore while still reading as sophisticated. Mature ladies can style the braids in so many ways for a customized look that enhances their best features.

5. Smooth, Sleek Waves

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 smooth waves

Women over 60 will feel like silver screen starlets with these perfectly tousled waves! Long layers create gorgeous movement and shape that seems to turn back the clock. The uniform curl pattern has a sleek, contemporary yet retro vibe. This low-maintenance style gives an age-defying boost of vitality.

6. Stunning Silver Curls

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 long silver curls

Many mature women opt to embrace their gorgeous silver strands rather than covering them up. This curly style plays up that gorgeous greystone with definition and volume for days! Layers remove bulk while enhancing shape. The overall effect is fresh and youthful – no dye required.

7. Vibrant Copper Red

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Copper Red

Why settle for mousy hair color when you can go bold with this vibrant, multi-tonal copper red? Mature women will love how this shade seems to defy aging with its warm, rich vibrancy. Longer layers add serious movement and shine when styled with laidback curls or waves.

8. Classic Jet Black Straight Hair

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Jet Black Straight Hair

There’s something so powerfully chic about long jet black hair styled stick-straight and glossy. This noir shade makes tresses appear lush and healthy with added shine. Mature women will feel a surge of confidence and timeless elegance when rocking this ultra-sleek, sophisticated style.

9. Voluminous Brown Waves

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Brown Voluminous Waves

Full, sumptuous waves can restore youthful body and bounce to brunette locks as we age. Long layers create a resonant shape while enhancing the depth of warm brown tones. The deep side part adds height at the crown. Mature women will adore how radiant and vivacious this voluminous style appears!

10. Fiery Red All Over

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Fire Engine Red

Why blend in when you can stand out spectacularly with this fiery red shade? The high-impact, monochromatic red tone amps up the glam factor of long tresses styled in soft curls. Mature women looking to feel sexy, confident, and utterly ageless will go gaga for this haircolor.

11. Luscious Dark Brunette

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Gorgeous Dark Brunette

Long ultra-dark brown hair just oozes opulent luxury and sophistication. By skipping too much dimension, mature ladies keep their look rich and glamorous. This chic middle-parted cascade flatters most face shapes while delivering timeless romance.

12. Brightened with Highlights and Lowlights

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Highlights and Lowlights

As we mature, hair can start to lose clarity and warmth. Strategically-placed highlights and lowlights instantly revive dimension and radiance. This delicate blend of cooler and warmer tones enhances skin’s glow while disguising greys in a natural way that requires minimal upkeep.

13. Casually Layered

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Long Layers

Long layers offer the perfect solution for managing thickness and weight as hair ages. This laidback style allows strands to fall softly yet still appear full and piecey. Face-framing curled layers and sweeping side parts create flattering shape that reads effortlessly chic on women over 60.

14. Curly Long Lob

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Curly Lob

Mature ladies with natural texture no longer need to fight their curl pattern! This long curly bob fully leans into gorgeous ringlets while removing extra length and bulk. Maintaining some length helps camouflage lines around the jaw and neck area in a totally fresh, modern way.

15. Long and Loose with Wispy Bangs

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Past the Shoulders wtih wispy bangs

These soft, piece-y bangs instantly amplify a youthful glow around the eyes and cheekbones as we mature. Paired with long, middle or side-parted strands, it creates an effortlessly polished and flattering look. The longer layers can be pulled back or left loose for versatility mature women appreciate.

16. Choppy with Thick Bangs

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Choppy with Thick Bangs

Don’t be afraid to go bold and edgy with your hair over 60! These blunt, thick bangs and razored choppy layers exude a fashion-forward, confident vibe. Mature women will love the put together, yet low maintenance look that still appears intentionally styled and full of personality.

17. One-Length with Smooth Blowout

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 One length with smooth blowout

Embrace your full, thick mane by showing it off in all its lustrous glory! This sleek, shiny blowout cranks up the gloss and high-shine finish factor. Wearing hair smoothly blown out and one-length keeps the ends full and thick – the epitome of healthy hair goals for ladies of any age.

18. Mid-Back Layers with Curls

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Mid back length with layers and curls

Let your natural curls and waves take center stage by enhancing their shape and definition. Long layers create gorgeous movement while the mid-back length falls elegantly over shoulders. Air-drying with curl-enhancing creams is an effortless way for mature women to style this cut.

19. Highlights & Lowlights with Pumped Volume

Long Hairstyles for Woman Over 60 Lowlights and Volume

Fight back against thin, limp strands with expert highlights, lowlights, and major volume! Subtly brightening mid-tones and ends rejuvenates greys and browns. The real pizazz comes from that amazing lift and height at the crown that makes hair appear thicker, fuller and more youthful.

FAQs About Long Hairstyles for Mature Women

Will long hair make me look older?

Not at all! Just look at the gorgeous inspo pics above and you have your answer! The right long hairstyle can actually make you appear more youthful. Longer locks help soften and camouflage any lines or wrinkles around the face, jaw and neck area. Styles with layers and movement also create a flattering, face-framing shape that enhances your best features. As long as you avoid severely dated looks, long hair can absolutely be chic and age-defying.

How do I add body and volume?

One of the biggest challenges mature ladies face with longer hair is combatting thinning and lack of movement. Highlights and lowlights help add dimension, while long layers remove heavy bulk. Ask your stylist to incorporate lots of feathered layers from root to ends, especially around the crown. Using volumizing products like mousse or root lift spray can also pump up the body.

What’s a low-maintenance long cut?

The lob (or long bob) is probably the easiest long style to care for. You get all the face-framing benefits of longer hair without the excess weight and length. Textured lobs with layers and beachy waves also enhance volume and shape in a more effortless way. Just a few spritzes of texture spray can revive your style.

Are bangs still youthful past 60?

Absolutely! Fringe is a great way to highlight your gorgeous eyes and cheekbones. Soft, wispy bangs in particular have an instantly rejuvenating effect. Just be sure to keep them long enough to sweep to the side as needed. Edgier, thick bangs also look incredibly modern on a long shag or layered style.

Can gray and silver hair be long?

As you can see from the photos, going gray is simply gorgeous and definitely on-trend at the moment. Enhancing your stunning silver hue with a textured long cut is the perfect way to rock age-appropriate yet trendy hair. Long layers add shape while bringing out your hair’s multi-tonal dimension. Scrunched curls and waves also boost body and movement.


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