How To Blow Dry A Bob Like A Stylist

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Look, I know you’re rocking that chic bob and you’re wanting to nail that perfect, sleek blowout at home – that’s why you’ve searched up ‘how to blow dry a bob’. I’ve been there. Back when I chopped my hair into a bob, I assumed letting it air dry was the move. I mean, it seemed gentler and way easier, right? Wrong.

After some trial and error (and a few tragic fluffy hair days), I finally did my research and learned that using the right blow drying technique is actually way better for the health and manageability of your bob.

The key is using the right tools, products, and methods to keep damage to a minimum while dialing up the shine and smoothness. It takes a bit of practice but trust me, once you get the tips and techniques down, you’ll be blessing yourself with salon-worthy hair on the daily.

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The Real Deal on Blow Drying

how to blow dry a bob

As I have found out, unless your hair is stick straight, leaving your hair to air dry can actually eff it up more than carefully hitting it with the blow dryer. Wild, I know. I didn’t believe it at first either.

But it turns out that when your hair is wet, the shaft swells up and the cuticle layer opens, making it super vulnerable to snagging, tangling, and breakage. Letting your hair chill in this fragile state for hours puts a lot of stress on the cuticle, causing it to get all cracked and frayed. Not cute.

how to blow dry a bob 2

On the flip side, using the right blow drying technique lets you quickly zap excess moisture from your hair while using the tension of a round brush to smooth down the cuticle. This basically “seals” the hair shaft, locking in hydration and giving you that sleek, shiny look.

Proper tension also keeps your strands from rubbing and getting all tangly and frizzed out. And since you’re keeping the airflow concentrated on the brush, you’re doing less heat damage than you would exposing it to the elements for hours. Science.

Prepping for That Smooth, Frizz-Free Life

how to blow dry a bob 3

If you wanna set yourself up for the best DIY bob blowout, always start with freshly washed hair that’s been deep conditioned and prepped with a great heat protectant spray or serum.

Quality heat protectants create a barrier between your delicate strands and the heat to minimize cuticle damage and keep it from drying out. Look for ones with nourishing oils, vitamins and proteins to really baby your hair.

Next, section your damp hair into four to six manageable chunks and clip ’em up. Dealing with smaller sections makes it way easier to keep that tension on lock and to get the blow dryer all up in your roots without missing spots.

For extra heat protection, frizz control and shine, work a little argan oil, Moroccan oil or jojoba oil through each section. These natural oils are the real MVP for shielding your hair and shutting down flyaways so you can get that polished, fresh-from-the-salon finish.

How To Blow Dry A Bob In 5 Easy Steps

how to blow dry a bob 4

Aight, let’s get into the technique.

  1. Unclip one section at a time, starting with the bottom layers. Take your round brush (boar bristles are clutch) and nestle it under the section super close to your scalp. Then, wrap the hair smoothly around the barrel until you’ve got it all.
  2. Once you’ve got a firm grip, start pulling the brush up and out to get that tension poppin. This tension is CRUCIAL for real sleekness so don’t be afraid to pull firmly (but not so hard you hurt yourself, obvs).
  3. Grab your blow dryer (if you’ve got a concentrator nozzle attachment, even better) and aim the airflow down the hair, following the brush. Keep the dryer about six inches away from your locks on low to medium heat so you don’t fry it. Keep that tension going and slowly brush and dry each section a few times until it’s fully dry before moving on.
  4. If you need a quick break, keep holding that brush taut until you’re ready to jump back in. Once the section is 100% dry, release it from the brush, coil it up out of the way, and clip it so you can keep that smoothness locked in until the end. Repeat with the rest of your hair, section by section, until you’ve knocked out your whole head.
  5. If you’ve got some stubborn frizzies or just want an extra shot of shine, mist your finished ‘do with a lightweight serum or shine spray. Then take your round brush and give your hair a final once-over, blasting it with cool air to seal the cuticle and set the style so it lasts.

The keys to the game? Keeping your sections tight, using that boar bristle brush to create tension, pointing the airflow down the hair shaft, and hitting it with cool air at the end. It takes some finessing but I swear this method will have your cuticles laid and your bob looking sleek AF.

More Tips to Get Your Bob Blowout on That Salon Level

how to blow dry a bob 5

💡Wanna take your blowout to the next level? Treat yourself to a bougie ionic blow dryer (we love this one!). They shoot out negative ions that break up water to dry your hair faster while sealing the cuticle for ridiculous sleekness. Total game changer.

  • Def use a round brush with natural boar bristles and a metal or ceramic barrel. Those stiff bristles grip your hair just right for that tension and smoothness without ripping it out like plastic ones.
  • If you’re trying to keep heat damage to a minimum, let your hair partially air dry until it’s like 60-70% dry before bringing in the blow dryer. Drying it from soaking wet takes forever and requires more heat, which is no bueno.
  • Even if you’ve got your blowout on lock, ease up on layering on more hot tools like flat irons or curling wands. Those thangs get way hotter than your blow dryer so daily use can seriously trash your hair.
  • If frizz is the bane of your existence or your hair is just stubborn AF, consider splurging on a keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout every few months. It’ll defrizz and straighten your hair so your home blowouts are a breeze and last way longer (I’ve had one and can 100% attest).
  • And if you’re ever at the salon getting a cut or blowout, don’t be shy – ask your stylist to walk you through how they do it and put you on to the best products for your specific hair type and texture. Most of them are more than happy to help a girl out.

So there you have it – the real deal on getting those super sleek, salon-quality blowouts on your bob at home. Ditch the sad, fluffy, frizzy air-dried lewk and join me in the smooth hair life. I’m not gonna lie and say it’s zero effort but trust, the end result is so worth the bicep workout. Your hair will be healthier, shinier, and so much easier to style. You got this.



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