17 Hot Weather Hairstyles To Beat The Heat

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Summer heat and humidity can make any cute hairstyle wilt and frizz within minutes. When temps soar, the last thing you want is hair sticking to the back of your neck or your carefully styled curls poofing into an untamed mane. The solution? Lightweight, airy, off-the-neck hot weather hairstyles that keep you feeling cool and looking pulled-together even when the mercury rises.

Braids, buns, ponytails and twisted updos are your summer hair heroes. These easy styles get your hair up and away from your face and neck – the prime hot spots – while also strategically channeling airflow around your head. Plus, most hot weather-friendly hairstyles only require your fingers or a few bobby pins, so you can put in minimal effort for major payoff.  

Whether you prefer an intricate braided crown or a simple messy bun, this roundup of the best summer hairstyles will keep you feeling breezy and confident through the sweatiest days.

17 Hot Weather Hair Ideas To Keep You Cool

1. Messy Bun  

hot weather hairstyles messsy bun

The messy bun may be the ultimate fuss-free summer hairstyle. Simply pull your hair into a loose, haphazard knot at the crown of your head, securing stray pieces with bobby pins. Not only does a messy bun keep you cooler by getting hair off your neck, but the undone look is meant to withstand frizz and flyaways.

2. Sleek Ponytail

image 26

For a chic, polished hairstyle that still beats the heat, opt for a low, sleek ponytail. Pull hair into a tight pony at the nape of your neck and use a smoothing serum and bristle brush to slick back any bumps. A sleek pony looks sophisticated yet keeps you feeling completely non-frazzled on sweaty summer days or for an easy pool day hairstyle.

3. Milkmaid Braids

image 28

Milkmaid braids are the perfect summer style, boasting both form and function. Two braids woven across the front of your head help wick away wisps and baby hairs from your face, while keeping strands off your neck. Milkmaids also look equally cute dressed up for weddings or down for park hangs.   

4. Top Knot

image 27

When you want to get hair fully up and off your neck and shoulders, try a high top knot. Gather all your tresses into a bun or ponytail atop your crown for ultimate airflow and cooling relief. Top knots can look sleek and polished or have an intentionally messy, undone texture.

5. Low Chignon

hot weather hairstyles chignon

Get an elegant updo while keeping your hair completely off your neck and shoulders with a low chignon bun. For this romantic yet practical style, loosely twist your hair into a soft knot at the nape of your neck. Chignons look especially striking on sun-kissed summer skin.

6. Double French Braids

image 30

Whether you leave them loose or wrap them into pigtail buns, French braids on each side will help keep hair contained and off your face and neck all summer long. The double braids provide a secure yet breathable style, allowing air to hit your scalp and evaporate sweat.

7. Half-Up Top Knot

image 24

For the best of both worlds, try a half-up top knot! Gather the top portion of your hair into a high bun, leaving the bottom section hanging freely. This keeps the hair off your neck and face but still allows airflow while the lower layers create a cooling effect around your shoulders.  

8. Fishtail Braid

hot weather hairstyles

Fishtail braids are the epitome of easy, breezy summer hair. Simply plait your hair into a sleek fishtail, then let it drape over one shoulder to avoid sticking to the back of your neck. For added heat relief, fishtails can also be styled into updos like a braided crown or side bun.

9. Embellished Headband

image 32

Take a cute accessory like a printed scarf or embellished headband and tie it around your crown, letting hair hang loose in the back. This will instantly pull hair up and away from your face while the headband helps absorb sweat and contains flyaways. Great for beach days or festivals!

10. Boxer Braids

image 1 8

For an ultra-secure and completely off-the-neck hairstyle, try boxer braids! This involves two or more braids that are tied together at the ends, keeping all hair bundled up and off your neck and shoulders. These can be done in cornrows, Dutch braids, or even loose plaits pinned underneath.

11. Tousled Beach Waves

image 1 7

Though not an updo, beachy, undone waves can actually be a cooling summer hairstyle! When hair is slightly waved and tousled rather than sleek and straight, it creates space and airflow around your layers. Use a salt spray to enhance those lived-in beach bends.

12. Twisted Low Bun

image 29

Keep your hair securely up and off your neck and shoulders by twisting it into a low bun at the nape of your neck. This twisted updo looks chic yet keeps you feeling cool. Before twisting your hair into the bun, lightly tease or backcomb at the crown for added volume and airflow.

13. Side Braid  

image 31

A side braid that grazes over one shoulder is an easy way to keep hair from sticking to the back of your neck on sweltering days. Make it as loose and messy or as intricate and woven as you’d like! Side braids conveniently keep hair contained while still allowing cooling air to hit your neck and collarbone area.

14. Ballerina Bun

image 3 3

There’s nothing as clean, simple and sweat-proof as a slicked-back ballerina bun. Gather hair up into a tight, wrapped bun right at the crown of your head for a streamlined, off-the-neck look. Just be sure to use a strong-hold hairspray to keep strays and frizzies from escaping the bun when humidity strikes.

15. Halo Braid

image 2 4

Turn up the heat-beating power of regular braids by doing a halo braid that wraps fully around your head like a crown! This intricate plait helps lift all your strands completely away from your face, neck and shoulders for optimum airflow. Halo braids can be done with regular three-strand braids, Dutch braids or fishtails.

16. Knotted Half-Up Style  

image 1 9

Need to get hair up but still want some down for styling? A knotted half-updo is the way to go! Gather the top half of your mane into a knotted or twisted topknot, leaving the lower layers hanging freely around your shoulders. This helps wick away sweat from the hairline.

17. High Ponytail with Headscarf

image 25

Combine the cooling power of a high pony with the sweat-wicking abilities of a printed scarf or bandana! Slick all your hair up into a tight, high ponytail, then wrap a cute patterned scarf around your hairline. The headscarf helps absorb moisture and contain shorter hairline pieces.

Interested in One of these Hot Weather Hairstyles?

From messy buns to intricate braided updos, these hot weather hairstyles are absolute saviors for summer and super easy hairstyles to whip up. They’ll help you look chic and feel refreshed by keeping strands up and off your neck and shoulders where heat gets so unbearable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Weather Hairstyles

Still unsure how to beat hair-wrecking summer heat and frizz? 

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about hot weather styles:

1. What hairstyles are the worst for summer?

While they may look sleek, avoid hairstyles that hang heavily around your neck and shoulders during summer’s peak heat and humidity. 

Loose, straight styles like beachy waves, lobs, and long layers will stick to damp skin and make you feel sweatier. Always opt for an updo, braid or ponytail to lift hair off your neck.

2. How can I keep my updo from falling in summer?

Sweat and humidity are the enemies of any intricate updo. To help your braided crowns and buns stay in place, lightly spritzing the hairline with a strong-hold, sweat-proof hairspray. 

You can also lightly tease crown sections with a comb to provide more grit and grip for pins and elastics. Avoid sleek, tight styles that easily slip.

3. What’s the best way to deal with sweaty roots?

Having sweat drip down your hairline and dampen the crown is inevitable in summer. To help absorb excess moisture, try lining your hairline with blotting/dry shampoo papers or sprinkle in some dry shampoo powder before styling. 

You can also incorporate a cute headband or printed scarf into your look to wick away sweat. 

4. How can I stop my fine hair from frizzing in humidity?

The key to frizz-free summer hair all comes down to leave-in products. Always work in a smoothing serum or frizz-fighting cream before air-drying or heat styling to seal the cuticle and block humidity’s frizzing effects. 

Fine mists of hairspray will also help smooth down flyaways without weighing down your style.

5. Can I still do hot tools in summer?

Hot tools like curling wands and straighteners should generally be avoided in summer’s peak heat and humidity, as they only add more heat stress to your strands and can create frizz. Or at least try limiting them to 1-2 times a week.

Instead, opt for updo styles that don’t require heat styling or air-dry waves enhanced with mousse, sea salt sprays and cold air from a diffuser.

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