20 Amazing Hairstyles with Bangs That’ll Refresh Your Look

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Stuck in a hair rut? One simple change can completely revamp your look – hairstyles with bangs! Whether you crave an edgy, dramatic vibe or a soft, romantic aesthetic, there’s a fringe style tailored to your face shape, features, and personality. From daring micro bangs grazing the brows to flirty curtain fringe, bangs provide an instant style refresh.

With just a snip of the shears, you can transform your existing cut into something fresh and frame-flattering. Go bold with thick, blunt bangs for a high-impact, modern edge. Or keep it feminine and flowy with long, wispy layers framing your face. Bangs offer endless options!

Choosing a fringe that complements your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle is key to scoring a gorgeous new ‘do. Let this guide to 20 of the trendiest, most flattering bang styles inspire your makeover. Whether you’re craving an edgy shag with cropped fringe or romantic curtain bangs, you’ll find a signature look here. 

Get ready to turn heads!

20 Must-Try Hairstyles with Bangs

1. Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs

These ’70s-inspired bangs are having a major moment for their flirty, face-framing effect. Curtain bangs are parted down the middle and swept to the sides, achieving an effortlessly cool, undone aesthetic. They work with all lengths and styles, from lobs to long, beachy waves. Curtain fringe also makes round faces appear more oval.

2. Blunt Bangs 

image 3 1

For a statement-making, high-impact look, you can’t beat blunt bangs cut in a straight, thick line across the forehead. This bold style instantly modernizes any cut and makes eyes pop. Blunt fringe works best on those with an oval or heart-shaped face. Just be sure to get regular trims to maintain that clean, sharp line.

3. Wispy Bangs

image 3

If you love a soft, romantic vibe, wispy bangs could be your perfect match. With this feathered, piecey style, the fringe is cut slightly longer and blended seamlessly into the rest of your layers. Wispy bangs are incredibly versatile and can complement any face shape, adding a delicate touch to your look.

4. Micro Bangs

image 6

For the daring style mavens, micro bangs make a major impact with their cropped, browskimming length. This graphic, angular fringe highlights eyes and cheekbones for a super-chic, high-fashion effect. Of course, it takes confidence and a low-maintenance mindset to rock this bold style. Oval face shapes can best pull off micro bangs.  

5. Side-Swept Bangs

image 1 2

Add instant movement and glamour to your style with side-swept bangs. This look involves longer layers swept dramatically across the forehead to one side. Side bangs create a flirty, face-framing effect while still allowing you to tuck them behind your ear. They’re a lovely option for those with round, square or heart-shaped faces.

6. Curly Bangs

image 11

Ladies with curly or coily textures, this one’s for you! Curly bangs are all about embracing your natural ringlets and allowing them to deliciously frame your face. The key is having a stylist who knows how to cut and shape curly fringe. Go for shaggy, piecey layers to enhance your stunning coils and kinks.   

7. Feathered Bangs 

image 10

For a soft, ’70s-inspired vibe, feathered bangs offer a perfectly undone look. This style features wispy, layered pieces that blend seamlessly with your cut. Feathered fringe is amazingly low-maintenance since the layers lay beautifully with very little styling needed. It’s a fabulous option for making a big change without going too drastic.

8. Baby Bangs

image 2 1

Are you feeling daring? Baby bangs could be the statement style for you. These ultra-short, cropped bangs sit well above the brows for a mod, retro aesthetic. While high-maintenance, baby bangs instantly elevate any hairstyle with their graphic impact. Those with smaller or more delicate features can really rock this look.  

9. Slightly Parted Bangs

image 1

Create the illusion of cheekbones that could cut glass with trendy parted bangs! This look involves cutting your fringe with a slightly defined center or side part for a more structured, sculpted effect. Parted bangs pair perfectly with a sleek blowout or updo. They’re a stellar option for those with rounder face shapes.

10. Asymmetrical Bangs  

asymmetrical bangs

For an edgy, fashion-forward vibe, asymmetrical bangs bring all the punk rock attitude. With this style, your fringe is cut at an angle with one side longer than the other. It’s a bold, unconventional look that instantly modernizes any cut. Those with square or heart-shaped faces can really pull off this architectural style.      

11. Pixie with Bangs

image 2

What could be cuter than a cropped pixie cut with short, sassy fringe?! This darling combo gives off effortless, gamine vibes. The bangs perfectly complement the simplicity and structure of a pixie while still allowing you to play with length and shape. Just be sure to have your bangs trimmed often to avoid a shaggy look.

12. Shag with Bangs 

image 1 3

For those who love a laidback, tousled aesthetic, consider a shaggy cut with bangs. This ’70s-inspired style features lots of lived-in layers and texture, with fringe that blends seamlessly into the rest of the shag. It’s the ultimate in low-maintenance cool-girl hair! Bangs add extra face-framing with a shag.

13. Straight Bangs on Curly Hair

image 1 1

Take your curly ‘do to new heights by adding straighter bangs! This look is all about playing with contrasting textures for an intriguing, dimensional finish. Round brush just your fringe while keeping your length curly. The result is both edgy and romantic.  

14. Arched Bangs

image 5

Love a vintage-inspired aesthetic? Arched bangs might be right up your alley! This glamorous style involves cutting your fringe into a curved, rounded shape that mimics the natural arches of your brows. It’s a beautiful flourish that opens up and flatters the eye area. Arched bangs look especially lovely on heart-shaped faces.

15. Braids with Bangs

image 2 2

Show off your fringe by incorporating playful braids! Braids add an unexpected touch of whimsy to any hairstyle. You can do a single, face-framing plait or go for a more intricate design like a Lara Croft-inspired Dutch braid. It’s the perfect way to dress up a simple look.

16. Lash-Grazing Bangs

image 3 2

Turn up the flirt factor with lash-grazing bangs! This fringe is cut in wispy layers that delicately brush against the lashes, drawing attention to your gorgeous eyes. It’s a soft, feminine style that looks romantically unbothered. Lash-grazing bangs work well on most face shapes and hair textures.

17. Bottleneck Bangs

image 9

Ready to make a statement? Bottleneck bangs are as bold as it gets. This architectural style involves bangs that start out narrow and straight at the roots, then kick out dramatically into a curved shape starting at the arches. It’s graphic, mod, and totally high-fashion. Bottleneck bangs beautifully complement angular, sculpted features.

18. Blended Bangs

image 4

For a seamless transition between your fringe and layers, go for blended bangs. With this look, your bangs are cut at just the right angle and length to blend flawlessly into your longer layers. It’s the perfect low-maintenance style since your fringe doesn’t require constant trimming to lay right.

19. Angled Bangs

image 7

Edgy girls, this one’s for you! Angled bangs create a fiercely cool, editorial effect by cutting your fringe diagonally across the forehead at a sharp angle. It’s a strong, graphic look that instantly modernizes your style. Angled fringe looks particularly striking on those with square or heart face shapes.

20. Two-Toned Bangs

image 8

Why not have a little fun by giving your fringe a pop of contrasting color? Two-toned bangs allow you to experiment with face-framing highlights or lowlights in a bold shade, all without committing to dyeing your full head of hair. It’s a playful way to breathe new life into your ‘do.

Do you Want to Try One of These Trendy Bangs?

With so many chic, flattering styles to choose from, bangs are the ultimate easy way to completely refresh your look. Whether you crave dramatic impact or soft, romantic fringe, there’s a bang style tailored to your features and vibe. 

So don’t be afraid to experiment and rock a fresh fringe – it might just become your signature!

Frequently Asked Questions About These 20 Bang-ing Hairstyles

Got more burning questions about rocking bangs? Here are answers to some of the most common FAQs:

1. What face shapes can pull off bangs?

While certain bang styles definitely suit some face shapes better than others, the truth isbangs can be tailored to flatter almost anyone! The key is choosing a fringe that complements your specific features. 

For example, wispy bangs look lovely on round faces, while angled or parted bangs sharpen up rounder shapes. Heart and oval shapes can really rock most any style of bangs.

2. How do I avoid getting a bang mullet?

The dreaded “bang mullet” happens when bangs outgrow the length of your face-framing layers, creating an unflattering, overgrown look. The best way to avoid this is to get regular bang trims every 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair’s growth rate. 

You can also ask your stylist to cut your fringe slightly shorter than the rest of your layers to allow room for growth between trims.

3. Are bangs high-maintenance?

Some fringe styles like micro bangs, baby bangs, or blunt bangs do require more frequent trims to maintain their sharp lines and shapes. However, there are plenty of low-maintenance options like curtain bangs, wispy fringe, or blended layers that are easier to grow out. 

Simply air dry and use texturizing products for an undone finish. Communicate your lifestyle to your stylist to find the perfect low-upkeep bangs.

4. What’s the best way to style bangs?

This depends on the bangs you have as well as your hair texture. In general, a round brush and blow dryer help smooth bangs. You can also use a flat iron on dry hair for a sleek, polished finish. 

Those with wavy or curly hair should dry bangs with a diffuser and scrunch in styling products. For undone, messy fringe, simply air dry and scrunch with a texture spray or pomade.

5. Will bangs make my hair look thinner?

For those with fine or thinning hair, bangs can actually be your best friend! They create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair framing the face. But avoid super-short, blunt bangs that look severe. 

Opt for feathered, layered fringe cut on an angle or with some face-framing pieces left longer. Your stylist can customise the perfect fringe to flatter your texture.

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