22 Easy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

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Ready to be inspired by some new, easy hairstyles for medium length hair? We’re all about that in-between length this season. Not too long, not too short – that perfectly tousled midi cut is having a major moment. Lived-in texture, breezy layers, and an air of I-woke-up-like-this cool.

Whether you’re rocking sleek and polished or perfectly undone, medium hairstyles offer a laidback versatility. From the office to after-hours, this is one cut that transitions seamlessly.

Ahead, we’ve curated the trendiest medium length looks inspiring us right now. Get ready to screenshot these covetable styles for your next salon visit. The midi mane is the way to go.

What We’re Calling Medium Length

Medium hair is the rebel girl length – not too short, not too long. We’re talking that perfectly chill, versatile length that falls somewhere between your collarbones and a few inches past your shoulder blades. Basically, around 6 to 12 inches of hair to werk with.

This is the sweet spot that gives you just enough mane to rock all the looks. A top knot or half-up ‘do for day? Sure. An effortless beachy wave situation for night? Yeah, you better work. Even a flirty braid or sleek pony moment? This length has got your back.

Of course, medium is a little different for everyone based on your hair type and face shape. But in general, if you’re rocking those shoulder-ish vibes with some added inches, you’re in the medium length club, babe. Now let’s get styling!

22 Easy Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

1. The Messy Bun with a Twist

image 69

I love a good messy bun, but sometimes I want to add a little extra something to make it stand out. Here’s my twist: start by creating a high ponytail and securing it with a hair tie. Then, twist the ponytail and wrap it around the base, securing with bobby pins. Now, take a small section of hair from the bottom of the bun and wrap it around the base, tucking the ends under the bun. This creates a cute little accent that elevates the classic messy bun.

2. Half-Up, Half-Down Bun

half up bun on medium hair

Half-up, half-down styles are a great way to keep your hair out of your face while still showing off your length. To add some interest, I like to incorporate a bun. Start by taking two small sections of hair from either side of your head and secure them together with a hair tie then wrap into a bun. You can leave the rest of your hair down or add some loose waves for a more romantic look.

3. The Sleek and Straight Look

striaght medium length hai

Sometimes, simplicity is key. When I want to look polished and put-together, I reach for my flat iron and create a sleek, straight look. The key to making this style work is to use a heat protectant and to work in small sections, ensuring that each strand is perfectly straight. Finish with a shine serum for an extra glossy look.

4. Shoulder Length Layers

Shoulder length layered cut on medium hair

If there’s one medium length cut that’s an automatic eye-catcher, it’s soft, cascading layers that delicately skim the shoulders. This textured lob-meets-shag look is ticking all the right boxes right now.

We’re talking the perfect intersection of bedhead-y and polished. It’s an insanely flattering cut that reads as equally low-key and high-style.

This mid-length layer situation allows natural ringlets to spring up and do their glorious, bouncy thing without weighing them down.

5. The Side Braid

side braid on medium length hai

Side braids are a great way to add some interest to your everyday look. I like to start mine just above my ear and braid it back, securing the end with a small elastic.

You can leave the rest of your hair down or pull it back into a low ponytail or bun. This style works great with both straight and curly hair.

6. Beachy Waves

beachy waves on medium length hair

Beachy waves are a classic style that looks great on medium length hair. To achieve this look, I like to use a large barrel curling iron or wand. Start by dividing your hair into sections and wrapping each section around the iron, away from your face.

Once you’ve curled all of your hair, run your fingers through the waves to break them up and create a more natural, tousled look.

7. The Top Knot

top knot

Top knots are a great option for those days when you want your hair off your neck and out of your face. I like to start by gathering my hair into a high ponytail and securing it with a hair tie.

Then, I twist the ponytail and wrap it around the base, securing it with bobby pins. You can make your top knot sleek and polished or messy and relaxed, depending on your preference.

8. The Braided Crown

0 1

Braided crowns are a beautiful and romantic style that’s perfect for special occasions. I start by creating two dutch braids on either side of my head, starting at my temples and braiding back.

Then, I wrap the braids around the back of my head, securing them with bobby pins. You can leave a few face-framing pieces out for a softer look.

9. The Textured Pony With Bangs

low pony withy bangs

Ponytails are a classic style that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. To add some interest to my ponytails, I love the look of texture and bangs.

Start by applying a texturizing spray or powder to your hair and then backcomb the roots for some added volume. Then, gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Curtain bangs look amazing with this style.

10. The Simple Lob


Lobs (long bobs) are an easy and eye-catching style that’s perfect for medium length hair. You can wear it straight, wavy or with curls.

It’s long enough to pull back or leave down. It’s really such a versatile cut and length and keeps hair looking it’s best! It’s really one of our favorites!

11. The Sleek Low Ponytail

low ponytail on medium length hair

When I want a sophisticated look, I opt for a sleek low ponytail. I start by applying a smoothing serum to my hair and then brush it back into a low ponytail at the nape of my neck.

I secure it with a hair tie and then take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base to conceal the hair tie. This style is perfect for the office or a formal event.

12. Balayage Waves

balayage waves on medium hair

This laid-back look is giving major mermaid-off-duty vibes. We’re talking soft, sunkissed balayage color blended into tousled, perfectly imperfect beach waves.

Start by asking your colorist for a subtle balayage – hand-painted highlights that gradually get lighter toward the ends for a low-maintenance, grown-out look. Warm honey and caramel tones lend gorgeous dimension against your natural base.

Then create that covetable wave situation. For a heat-free option, spritz in a volumizing mousse from roots to ends and allow hair to air dry in its natural wave pattern, scrunching with your hands.

Or use a 1-inch curling wand, wrapping away from your face in alternating directions for that perfectly undone bend. Make sure to leave out wispy face-framing pieces.

13. Curtain Bangs on Medium Hair

curtain bangs on medium har

If you’re looking to amp up the flirt appeal of your medium mane, we’ve got two words for you: curtain bangs. This ’70s revival cut is bringing major romance to mid-length styles.

We’re talking those long, face-framing tendrils parted candidly down the middle to delicately costume your features. The shortest pieces should whisper hit around the eyes or cheekbones while the longest curtain a few inches past the jaw. It’s like having built-in effortless fringe minus any forehead commitment.

For medium hair, curtain bangs instantly elevate your look with a touch of French-girl insouciance. They add an undone, bedroom-y vibe that reads as equal parts perfectly imperfect and subtly sexy. A few flirty face-framing wisps peeking through and you’ve got that sought-after I-woke-up-like-this thing nailed.

14. The Braided Ponytail

Braided ponytails are a great way to add some interest to a classic style. I start by creating a regular ponytail and then I braid the length of the ponytail. I secure the end with an elastic and then gently pull apart the braid to make it look fuller. This style is perfect for a day at the beach or a casual outing.

15. The Half-Up Braided Crown

This style combines the half-up look with a braided crown for a romantic and ethereal effect. I start by dividing my hair into two sections, a top, and a bottom. I then create a Dutch braid on either side of my head, starting at my temples and braiding back. I secure the braids together at the back of my head with a hair tie, and then I pull the rest of my hair over the braids to conceal them.

16. The Twisted Ponytail

twisted ponytail on medium hair

The twisted ponytail is a fun variation on the classic style. I start by gathering my hair into a low ponytail and securing it with a hair tie. Then, I divide the ponytail into two sections and twist them around each other, securing the end with another hair tie. This creates a beautiful, twisted effect that looks great worn low or high.

17. Dutch Braids

dutch braids on medium hair

Dutch French braids are a great way to add some interest to your everyday look. I start by creating a middle part and then Dutch French braiding each side, starting at the part and working my way back. I secure the end of the braid with an elastic and then gently pull apart the braid to make it look fuller.

18. The Messy Bun

messy bun on medium length hai

This style is perfect for those days when you want to look put-together but don’t have a lot of time. I start by gathering all of my hair into a high ponytail and securing it with a hair tie. Then, I twist the ponytail into a messy bun and secure it with bobby pins, letting some pieces fall out for a messy, effortless look.

19. Blunt Bangs Energy

blunt bangs and straight on medium hair

For those who like their medium hair sleek and straight, allow us to introduce your new secret weapon: blunt bangs. This sharp, directional fringe is serving up major retro vibes.

We’re talking a thick, weighty bang situation that’s cleanly snipped horizontally across the forehead or brows. No soft tendrils or face-framing wisps here – just a solid, eye-grazing line of bangs that means business.

On glossy, faultless medium-straight hair, blunt bangs bring a serious hit of modernist cool. It’s an aggressively chic pairing that nods to ’60s geometric cuts and ’90s runway minimalism. The bangs provide an edgy, almost eyebrow-skimming accent that contrasts with the hair’s otherwise sleek lengths.

20. Loose Waves

loose waves on medium hair

This style is perfect for showing off some volume and loose waves. You can acheive this either with a large barrel curling iron (think 2 inches if you have one) or even using velcro or extra large hot rollers. It’s a simple classic style that’s perfect on hair that has a few layers.

21. The Modern Shag

shag on medium hair

If you’re craving a medium hair look that blends vintage quirk with contemporary cool, may we suggest the shag revival? This retro cut is getting a very now upgrade.

We’re talking a heavily layered, piecey cut with choppy bangs and face-framing lengths that hit somewhere between the cheeks and shoulders. But this isn’t your mom’s shag from the ’70s. Today’s take blends the top-heavy, razored layers of the past with sleeker, more pieced-out styling.

On medium lengths, the shag reads as the perfect intersection of disheveled and polished. By keeping the bottom lengths chin to collarbone level, you get that coveted fresh shape while still having enough hair to craft that distinct shaggy vibe up top.

22. The Accessorized Look

headband on medium hair

Sometimes, the simplest way to elevate a hairstyle is with a well-placed accessory. I love adding a cute hair clip or headband to a half-up style or tucking a flower behind my ear for a romantic look. Don’t be afraid to play around with different accessories to find what works best for you.

Medium Haircare Tips and Tricks

  • Q: What are some easy medium hairstyles I can do myself?

    Whether you’re short on time or lacking styling skills, there are plenty of cute, effortless ‘dos perfect for medium tresses. A low, swept back bun always looks chic. Or try a deep side part with beachy waves created using a texturizing spray and your fingers. Half-up top knots, loose braids, and soft bends using a wand are other fuss-free options.
  • Q: What are good easy medium hairstyles without braids?

    If braids aren’t your thing, you’ve still got stylish medium hair looks. A tousled low pony with a few face-framing tendrils is an easy go-to. Or spritz in some volumizing mousse, rough dry, and go with that perfectly imperfect air-dried wave situation. A sleek high pony or top knot bun are also cute and simple medium styles.
  • Q: What are some cute, easy hairstyles for medium length hair for school?

    For school, you’ll want looks that are equal parts stylish and low-maintenance. A classy half-up top knot is perfect – it gets your hair off your face while looking put-together. Or opt for a deepside part and loose bends created using a wave wand. Pulling your hair into a low, messy bun is another easy, pretty option.
  • Q: What are some easy medium length hairstyles with braids?

    Braids instantly amp up the interest factor for medium lengths. A simple side braid adds bohemian flair. Or get creative with a crown braid or boxer braids. For a fancier feel, try a milkmaid or Dutch braid. Even a single mini braid at the front can elevate an everyday medium hairstyle.

Wrapping Up Easy Medium Length Hairstyles

And there you have it – 22 easy and stylish hairstyles for medium length hair, along with some tips and tricks for keeping your hair looking its best. I hope this guide has given you some new ideas to try out and the confidence to experiment with your hair. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and embrace your unique style. Your hair is your crown, so wear it proudly!


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