30 Insanely Gorgeous Brownish Ginger Hair Shades That Are Trending

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Thinking about spicing up your hair color? Brownish ginger hair might just be the ticket. It’s this cool shade that sits somewhere between red and brown, making it perfect for both natural redheads looking to switch things up and those just dipping their toes into the redhead waters.

It’s like getting a taste of the redhead life without committing to the full-on, fiery red. Plus, it’s got this laid-back vibe that’s super flattering on pretty much everyone. So, whether you’re a born redhead wanting a change or just redhead-curious, brownish ginger could be your new go-to.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – “Brownish ginger hair sounds cool, but how do I rock it?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What Color is Brownish Ginger Hair?

Brownish ginger hair is a lovely mix that balances warm and rich tones just right. Wella, a well-known hair color brand, says brownish ginger hair is “balancing copper, auburn, and chocolatey tones to pure perfection.” It’s a great choice for redheads who want a darker shade or brunettes who want a touch of red. This special mix of colors creates a lively and deep look that adds warmth to your overall appearance.

Warm Brownish Ginger Hair Shades

From sleek straight styles to bouncy curls, there’s something for everyone. So, let’s get into all the different ways you can rock this versatile and stunning shade!

1. Spicy Ginger Brown

Spicy Ginger Brown

This shade packs a punch with its vibrant, red-orange undertones melted into a warm brown base. The result is a bold, energetic color with a hint of firecracker spice. Pair it with warm, golden undertones in your skin for a sun-kissed radiance.

2. Caramel Ginger

caramel ginger hair

Sweeten up your look with this delicious blend of buttery caramel and spicy ginger tones. The caramel adds a creamy, golden richness while the ginger keeps things lively. It’s an incredibly flattering shade that enhances warmth in the complexion. The dimensional quality also makes it an excellent choice for disguising grays.

3. Cinnamon Brownish Ginger Hair

Cinnamon brownish ginger hair

A beautifully multidimensional mix of cinnamon brown swirled with rich ginger highlights. This decadent shade offers the best of both worlds – the cozy comfort of cinnamon complemented by vibrant gingery pops. It has an inviting quality that’s perfect for fall and winter. The depth and movement also give hair enviable shine and body.

4. Honey Ginger

honey ginger brownish hair

Glaze Gorgeous honey blonde seamlessly melded with fiery ginger creates a shimmering, dimensional glaze. The honey base adds a soft, buttery warmth while the ginger kicks things up a notch with hints of spicy red-orange. It’s a beautifully blended shade that’s lower maintenance than solid ginger but still eye-catching. The glaze effect gives strands a glossy, polished finish.

5. Toasted Almond Brownish Ginger Hair

Toasted Almond Brownish Ginger Hair

This nutty shade combines toasted almond brown with hints of burnished ginger for an earthy, autumnal vibe. The warm, toasty base anchors the boldness of the ginger tones, creating a sophisticated neutral with delicious warmth. It’s a great way to ease into ginger if you have a darker base.

6. Burnished Copper

Burnish Copper Brownish Ginger Hair

Turn up the heat with this molten, metallic copper-ginger fusion. Prepare for all the fiery vibes! The high-shine burnished copper adds an edgy, modern twist to the spicy ginger tones. It’s a smoldering, high-impact shade that commands attention. Pair it with an angled lob for maximum wow factor.

7. Smoked Amber

Smoked Amber

A sultry smoky ginger brown base allows the amber-ginger tones to warmly glow through. This moody, dimensional shade has an inky, glossy finish with gorgeous gingery undertones. It’s perfect for those craving rich, saturated color with a touch of amber glow.

8. Chestnut Ginger

Chestnut Ginger

Equal parts rich chestnut brown and spicy ginger make for a sumptuous, nutty-sweet shade. The chestnut anchors the ginger to create amore toned down, auburn-meets-brown hue. It’s cozy yet vibrant and striking against both fair and tan complexions. The ginger highlights add a youthful glow.

9. Maple Syrup Brownish Ginger

Maple Syrum Brownish Ginger Hair

This deliciously syrupy brown is spiked with gingery undertones for an utterly mouthwatering hue. While the overall tone leans more solidly brown, those lovely hints of ginger keep things multi-dimensional and fresh.

Cool Brownish Ginger Tones

10. Iced Coffee Ginger Brown

Iced Coffee Ginger Brown

This frosty shade has a gorgeous, faint violet undertone that cools down the ginger brown base. The result is a unique mix of cool and warm tones that creates incredible depth and dimension. It has an icy, sophisticated vibe perfect for making a statement in the winter months.

11. Mahogany Ginger

Mahogany Ginger Hair

Deeply luxurious, this rich mahogany brown is infused with smoldering ginger undertones. The combination is nothing short of sumptuous and elegant. It adds incredible dimension to darker bases without being overpowering. The mahogany casts a flattering warmth on the complexion.

In an interview with Allure magazine, Tauni Dawson, a stylist at Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles, shared her thoughts on the brownish ginger hair trend. She mentioned that this particular shade is an excellent choice for those looking for a subtle transformation. Dawson described the color as not so bright – making it an ideal option for brunettes seeking a fresh but not overly dramatic change in their hair color.

12. Mocha Ginger

Mocha Ginger

A decadent melding of chocolate and ginger, this multi-tonal shade is pure indulgence. The mocha base provides a cool brown foundation while ribbons of fiery ginger peek through. It’s a sophisticated option that translates beautifully to both straight and curly textures.

13. Espresso Ginger

Espresso Ginger

For those who crave deliciously dark, vampy color – this espresso ginger is for you! An ultra-deep espresso brown is livened up with flashes of spicy ginger throughout. It’s a smoldering, bewitching shade. Make sure to have your colorist paint in golden ginger ribbons for incredible dimension.

14. Chocolate Cherry Ginger

Chocolate Cherry Ginger Brown Hair

This shade is the epitome of juicy richness! A chocolate brown base swirled with pops of vibrant cherry red and burnt ginger makes for a truly mouthwatering mane. It has a luxurious quality that flatters most skin tones. The cherry and ginger tones amp up the color’s shine and movement.

15. Burgundy Ginger

Burgendy Brownish Ginger Hair

A deep, decadent burgundy base is spiced up with fiery ribbons of ginger balayage to create this showstopping shade. The ginger adds brightness and warmth to the burgundy’s sultry vibe. It’s a daring option for those who love a dramatic, high-contrast look. Keep the base richer for a vampy feel or go lighter for more vibrance.

16. Auburn Brownish Ginger Shade


This auburn-ginger fusion offers the perfect balance of cool and warm tones. The auburn base provides a rich, soft brown hue. It has an autumnal vibe that makes skin glow. The undertones are also incredibly flattering on many different complexions.

17. Mulled Wine Ginger

Mulled Wine Ginger

Mmm, this one smells as delicious as it looks! A mulled wine base (a deep burgundy red meets brown) is accented with shimmery ribbons of spicy ginger throughout. It’s a multidimensional, seasonally-inspired shade that brings incredible depth and shine to the hair.

18. Deep Auburn Ginger

Deep Auburn Ginger

For those who love auburn but want more spice, this deep auburn ginger is a showstopper. An auburn base creates the perfect anchor for bold splashes of red-orange ginger. The ginger pumps up the vibrancy while the auburn adds sophistication. Together it’s a striking, burnished mix.

Highlighted Brownish Ginger Looks

19. Caramel Highlights On Dark Ginger Hair

Caramel Highlights on Ginger Hair

Balayage Take that beautiful caramel ginger hue to new heights by painting it on in a soft balayage technique. Hand-painted highlights dispersed from the mid-lengths to ends create a gorgeously blended, lived-in look. It’s low-maintenance but still makes an impact.

20. Ginger Brown Ombré

Brownish Ginger Ombre Hair

For a more dramatic highlighting effect, try a ginger brown ombré! Darker ginger-kissed brown roots melt into a fiery ginger blonde through the lengths. It’s a high-contrast, high-impact look that screams playful and youthful. The stark line between tones creates amazing dimension.

21. Ginger Bronde (Brown + Blonde) Highlights

Ginger Bronde

A ginger bronde combines the best of brown and blonde with lively ginger accents. Bronde highlights woven throughout a ginger brown base create a dimensional, sun-kissed effect with pops of warmth and zest. It’s the perfect low-key way to add gingery flair.

22. Ginger Brown Money Piece Highlights

Ginger Money Piece Highlights 2

Brighten up your face by framing it with ginger brown money piece highlights. These delicate ribbons of brighter, gingery tones concentrated around the hairline and face add radiance and depth. They’re the ideal way to enhance your features.

23. Ginger Brown Face-Framing Highlights

Ginger Money Piece Highlights

Similar to money pieces but more diffused, ginger brown face-framing highlights create a soft, ethereal brightening effect around the face. Painting ginger ribbons from the hairline back a few inches adds warmth and light where you need it most.

24. Ginger Brown Chunky Highlights

ginger brown chunky highlights

For a retro, piecey vibe, ask your stylist for ginger brown chunky highlights! These bolder sections of contrasting ginger browns and blondes pop against a darker base. It’s a fun, youthful look with plenty of movement and attitude.

Dimensional Brownish Ginger Hues

25. Ginger Brown Lowlights

ginger brown with lowlights

While highlights add pops of brightness, lowlights create gorgeous depth and dimension. Richer ginger brown or auburn lowlights woven through a lighter brown or ginger base add an expensive, multi-tonal effect. They enhance the hair’s natural highs and lows.

26. Ginger Brown Bayalage Highlights on Black Hair

Ginger Brown Highlights on Dark Hair

For a softer, more delicate highlighting effect, opt for ginger brown bayalage highlights. These fine, subtle highlights mimic the way hair naturally brightens from sun exposure. Strategically placed babylights add depth and warmth without stark lines of demarcation.

27. Ginger Brown Ombre Bayalage

ginger ombre bayalage

A ginger brown ombre bayalage is the lazy girl’s way to dimensional color! Asking your colorist to gently bayalage a deeper gingery root to the mid shaft to ends adds an effortless, lived-in vibe while still looking polished and blended. It’s the perfect low-maintenance option.

28. Caramel Dark Ginger With Dimension

Caramel Dark Ginger With Dimension

Take the dimension one step further with an all-over ginger brown and blonde dimensional highlights. Painting gingery brown tones through the entire underneath section of hair creates the illusion of depth and thickness. It looks edgy and dimensional as the depth slowly diffuses out through the lengths.

29. Ginger Brown Melted Color

Brown to Ginger Color Melt Hair

This delicious melted color technique seamlessly blends different ginger browns from roots to ends with no harsh lines. The dimensional color appears to have quite literally melted down the hair. It’s a beautiful, premium color option.

30. Ginger Brown Sobre Hair

Ginger Brown Sombre Hair

This ginger brown sombre is similar to ombre but with more subtle dimension, this bayalage technique utilizes multiple ginger brown tones. Cool and warm shades blended through the hair create striking contrast and movement. It’s a truly customized, dimensional look.

That’s A Wrap

I’m completely enamored with these brownish ginger hair shades. The possibilities are endless to customize your perfect warm or cool, highlighted or dimensional brownish ginger hue. Don’t be afraid to play around until you achieve the brownish ginger hair color of your dreams! Once you do, share your gorgeous look because I’d love to see it.

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