15 Free-Spirited Boho Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

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Boho chic is having a major bridal moment (and we don’t think it’s going away anytime soon)! Free-spirited, carefree and effortlessly cool, these boho wedding hairstyles ideas are a gorgeous way to put your unique stamp on your big day look. From intricately braided crowns to tousled, beachy waves, these undone ‘dos beautifully complement flowy bohemian gowns and rustic venues.

The boho bridal aesthetic is all about appearing perfectly imperfect. It showcases your hair’s natural texture through mussed-up styling and whimsical accentuated accessories like fresh florals, feathers or metallic chains. These breezy, bohemian hairstyles strike the ideal balance between romantic and effortless.

Get inspired to craft your dream boho bridal hairdo with these 15 charming, trend-forward Boho Wedding Hairstyle Ideas! Packed with intricate braids, textured waves and flower child flair, you’re sure to find your signature free-spirited wedding hairstyle.

15 Boho Wedding Hairstyle Ideas That Are Trending

1. Tousled Bohemian Updo

image 13

The epitome of boho bridal, a tousled updo feels at once elevated and effortless. Loosely gather your hair into a messy chignon or bun, allowing plenty of face-framing tendrils and piecey layers to hang around your face and neck. Enhance the undone aesthetic by backcombing or scrunching with texture spray.

2. Floral Half-Up Hairstyle

image 18

What could be more boho than adorning your hair with fresh florals?! The boho half-up hairstyle with waves or braids and flowers woven throughout is a whimsical, nature-inspired look for the free-spirited bride. Use delicate wildflowers, baby’s breath, or greenery.

3. Braided Bohemian Crown

image 17

Create an intricate woven crown atop your head with this boho braided updo. From milkmaid braids to fishtail plaits, this intricately textured look frames your face beautifully, especially when accented with ribbons or fresh blooms. Leave cascading waves free around your shoulders.

4. Boho Fishtail Braid

image 21

Ditch traditional bridal updos in favor of a boho-inspired fishtail braid! This effortlessly cool plait style can be worn as a half-up look or long braid down your back. Enhanced by texturizing sprays, floral accents, and beachy waves, a fishtail braid exudes free-spirit vibes.

5. Tousled Bohemian Waves

image 19

Effortless, textured waves are the calling card of boho bridal hair. Rock those tousled, mussed-up beachy waves by scrunching in a volumizing texture spray or pomade after letting your hair air dry. Feel free to use a wand to create that coveted perfectly-imperfect wave pattern.

6. Boho Chignon with Tendrils

image 14

A chic, elevated take on the boho updo? A low, soft chignon bun with plenty of romantic face-framing tendrils left out around your features. This fuss-free yet romantic updo is ideal for a boho-inspired wedding, especially when adorned with floral or feathery accessories.

7. Bohemian Accessorized Braid

image 15

Braids like fishtail, milkmaid and crown plaits perfectly capture the feminine, ethereal boho spirit. Take it a step further by adorning your intricate braids with whimsical accessories! Try weaving in ribbons, flowers, feathers, beads or chains for a bit of hippie flair.

8. Half-Up Boho Pompadour

image 1 4

Get retro boho vibes with this funky take on the updo! A half-up pompadour features volume and height at the crown, while romantic waves cascade around your face. This textured updo is equal parts vintage and free-spirited when styled with an undone, messy finish.

9. Loose Bohemian Side Braid

loose side braid

Side braids are having a moment, and the boho version is simply stunning! Create a loose, imperfect side braid and enhance the bohemian look by leaving plenty of delicate face-framing wisps and waves out. Accent with flowers or shimmery thread for whimsical charm.

10. Boho Headband Updo

image 1 6

An effortlessly cool way to infuse boho flair into your bridal updo! Rock a chic braided or tousled chignon, then accessorize with a hippie-inspired headband, metal halo chain, or fresh floral crown. This combination of untamed tresses and breezy accessories is perfect.

11. Boho Milkmaid Braids

image 16

One of the most quintessential boho braided styles, milkmaid braids wrap around the crown in an intricately woven plait. Just be sure to style this look in an intentionally imperfect way, leaving plenty of texture, wisps, and piecey layers out to capture that free-spirited feel.

12. Bohemian Topknot

image 20

For a more understated boho bridal updo, try a piecey topknot! This half-up, half-down knotted style is relaxed and effortless, while still feeling polished. Tease and scrunch to build in tons of texture, then leave romantic face-framing tendrils around your features.

13. Boho Half-Up Braided Hairstyle

image 1 5

Get the best of both bohemian worlds with this breezy half-up hairstyle! Start by weaving an intricate braid or milkmaid plait as a crown, then leave the rest of your tousled waves cascading effortlessly past your shoulders. Accent with flowers or vines if desired.

14. Bohemian Twisted Updo

image 2 3

This fuss-free updo perfectly captures the boho spirit! Loosely gather your hair into an undone twisted bun or chignon, leaving plenty of wisps and tendrils framing your face. Gently pull and sculpt the updo into an imperfect, voluminous shape full of airy texture.

15. Boho Beachy Waves

image 22

You just can’t go wrong with beachy, mermaid-esque waves for channeling major boho bride vibes! Whether rocked in a half-up hairstyle or flowing freely, those tousled, textured waves are the epitome of free-spirited beauty. Add a floral crown or metallic accessory for an extra wow factor.

Which of these Trending Boho Wedding Hairstyles is your favorite?

From whimsical floral crowns to carefree waves, these boho bridal hairstyles beautifully complement the effortless, nature-inspired aesthetic. 

Using braids, texturizing sprays, and flowy accessories, you can craft an undone updo or tousled locks with unmistakable free-spirit charm.

Additional Questions About Boho Wedding Hairstyles

Considering rocking a bohemian bridal ‘do for your big day? You probably have some questions! 

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked queries about boho wedding hairstyles:

1. What makes a hairstyle “boho”?

The boho or “bohemian” aesthetic embraces a carefree, whimsical and intentionally imperfect feel. Boho bridal hairstyles should look effortless, textured and a bit untamed. 

That could mean loose, beachy waves, intricately woven braids with wisps framing the face, or chic undone updos. Adding floral crowns, feathers or natural accessories enhances the free-spirited vibe.

2. How can I get effortless boho waves?

For that signature boho wave pattern, start with day-old hair and work in a volumizing mousse or texture spray from roots to ends. 

Either let hair air dry with scrunched sections or loosely wave with a curling wand. Once fully dry, break up the waves by scrunching and shaking out with your fingers or a texturizing spray. The more piecey and undone, the better!

3. What braids work best for boho hairstyles?

Some of the most popular and prettiest boho braids are milkmaid braids, fishtail plaits, crown braids and loose side braids. 

The key is keeping these intricate styles soft, wispy and imperfect rather than slick and polished. Incorporate face-framing tendrils and textured waves for a free-spirited finish.

4. Can I still do an updo and be boho?

Absolutely! As long as the updo looks intentionally undone and textured, updos can absolutely fit the bohemian aesthetic. 

Great options are soft, messy chignons with tendrils out, half-up braided hairstyles, and tousled topknots. Just avoid overly sleek or structured shapes.

5. What accessories work with boho wedding hair?

You can’t go wrong with natural, earthy accessories like fresh florals, feathers, beaded chains, macrame headpieces, metal halos, leather cords and ribbons. 

The more whimsical and free-spirited, the better for nailing that boho hair accessory game!

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re having an intimate backyard ceremony or a destination wedding on the beach, these 15 boho hairstyles are perfect for the free-spirited bride. From tousled waves and flower crowns to intricate braids and whimsical updos, these romantic ‘dos capture the essence of bohemian style. They’re relaxed yet stylish, effortless yet intricately detailed. So let your bohemian side shine through on your big day with one of these dreamy hairstyles.

After all, the most beautiful boho brides are the ones who celebrate their individuality and live by the mantra of having “hair that dances in the meadow wind.” Embrace that carefree, natural vibe and you’re sure to be a vision as you float down the aisle towards your soulmate.


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