Totally Badass 90s Grunge Hairstyles Women Can Rock

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Looking to get back into the gritty glam of 90s grunge? Those iconic hairstyles aren’t just relics of the past – they’re making a fierce comeback. Today’s women are rediscovering the edgy appeal of these looks, adapting them for a modern twist.

So if you’re ready to channel your inner rock star, there’s a 90s grunge hairstyles women love are waiting for you. We’ve rounded up some killer grunge hairstyles that’ll inject some serious attitude into your look.

From messy updos to bold colors, these ideas will help you nail that perfect balance of rebel and chic. Let’s get into it.

90s Grunge Hairstyles Woman Should Try For An Edgy Look

1. The Messy Shag

Let’s kick things off with a cut that screams “I’m with the band.” The messy shag is all about layers upon layers of piecey, textured lived-in goodness. Rough it up with a pomade or salt spray and you’ve got an instantly grunge-approved look. Best for the low-key rocker chicks who can’t be bothered with spending hours styling.

2. Curtain Bangs Revival  

These face-framing fringe benefits are about to be everywhere you turn. Curtain bangs have that effortlessly cool appeal that pairs perfectly with grungy hairstyles. Wear ’em wispy or blunt, parted in the middle or swept to one side – either way, you’re nailing the 90s It-girl look.

3. The Rachel 2.0

Could this haircut BE any more iconic? Yep, the beloved “Rachel” layered shag is getting a modern revamp for a fresh take on the 90s classic. Think lots of lived-in texture and shaggy layers with an edgier, more deconstructed twist. Your style secret? A little backcombing never hurt anybody.

4. Grunge Bob with Undercut

For those who dare to go there, may we present: the grunge bob with a badass undercut. This daring combo marries the sharp lines of a blunt shoulder-length bob with an unexpectedly shaved underlayer. It’s giving punk rock princesses and we are so here for it.

5. Crimped Texture  

Thought you’d seen the last of your crimping iron? Think again! Crimped strands are making a serious comeback as a gritty way to add loads of rocker-approved texture. Whether you go for a few face-framing pieces or an allover crimp, you’re guaranteed maximum volume with this 90s trick.

6. Baby Bangs Upswept

These aren’t your average baby bangs. We’re taking a delicate fringe and giving it a grungy, swept-up spin that has “I’m too cool to care” written all over it. Sweep ’em up and off your face for a tousled, effortless finish.

7. Grown-Out Pixie

If the words “I woke up like this” were a haircut, it would be the grown-out pixie. This low-key look is all about letting your natural texture shine with an air of carefree, bedhead cool. It’s lived-in, it’s perfectly imperfect, it’s 100% grunge-approved.

8. Colored Tips

Why accent your tips when you can make a bold statement? These eye-catching dip-dyed ends are giving all the punk rock vibes. Try rich jewel tones like violet or emerald for a modern twist on this quintessential 90s grunge hair trend.

9. Deep Side Parts

Sometimes, the simplest changes can have the biggest impact. Case in point: a dramatically deep side part that instantly lends an edgy, devil-may-care appeal. It’s an understated nod to the 90s that looks completely effortless.

10. Half-Up Top Knots

Who has time for complicated updos when you can just throw it up in a messy knot? The half-up top knot combines that signature 90s grunge nonchalance with a touch of intentional styling. Bonus points for letting a few face-framing tendrils hang loose.

11. Bleached Hair And Brows

Not for the faint of heart, bleached hair and brows give new meaning to the phrase “making a statement.” This bold, high-contrast look epitomizes the grungy, IDGAF vibe of the 90s. Just be sure to have your brow game on point beforehand.

12. Chunky Highlights

Grunge was all about embracing your natural texture and these face-framing chunky highlights prove it. The perfectly imperfect pieces add grit and dimension while still looking delightfully low-maintenance. After all, who has time for complicated foiling these days?  

13. Boxer Braids 

Leave it to the 90s to turn a utilitarian style completely on its head. Boxer braids and knots aren’t just for the ring anymore – now they’re the ultimate cool-girl way to channel your inner grunge goddess. Bonus points for messily undone pieces that scream “I just rolled out of bed looking like this.”

14. The Dip Dye

Why settle for one-dimensional when you can embrace the dip? Going grunge means having a little fun with bold pops of contrasting color on your tips and ends. It’s a subtle way to get in on the 90s attitude without going over-the-top.

15. Grunge Beach Waves

No need to pick between beachy and grungy – with this lived-in wave situation, you can have both. It’s that perfectly imperfect blend of salty texture and bedhead cool that practically oozes “I woke up like this, what of it?”

16. Intentional Roots

Spend more time sleeping and less time maintaining – the intentionally grown-out root look is about to be your new bestie. It’s an instant dose of grunge appeal with minimal upkeep required, because sometimes a girl’s just gotta embrace a little root situation.

17. Half-Shaved Looks

Nothing screams 90s punk like a shaved underlayer or asymmetric part. These daring half-shaved cuts add an unexpected, high-contrast edge when paired with shaggy layers or textured waves. Consider it grunge hair with a side of badassery.

18. Space Buns

They’re not your little sister’s space buns anymore! This iconic 90s updo is getting an haute update for the modern grunge scene. Think deconstructed, imperfect mini buns that have a delightfully rocker attitude. It’s a playful punctuation to any throwback grunge hairstyle.

Grunge Hair Revival Q&A

1. What is grunge hair?

Grunge hair is characterized by an effortlessly messy, lived-in look with lots of texture, volume and a distinct rocker vibe. It embraces natural texture, imperfect styling and an overall major attitude.

2. Isn’t grunge hair just for punks and rockers?  

Absolutely not! Grunge hair is for anyone who wants to channel some 90s attitude and grit. The key is nailing that perfectly imperfect look that toes the line between intentional and laissez-faire. It’s an aesthetic, not just for a subculture.

3. How do I get started with grunge hair?

Focus on adding texture, grit and dimension rather than aiming for a sleek, polished look. Things like dry shampoo, salt spray, backcombing and undone styling can immediately give your locks that grunge-approved vibe. Layers, highlights and trendy cuts like the shag also help sell the aesthetic.

4. Is grunge hair high maintenance?

Actually, quite the opposite! The grunge look embraces natural texture and imperfection, which means you get to spend less time doing complicated styling. An air-dried, slept-in look? That’s what grunge hair is all about.  

5. How do I keep my grunge hair looking fresh?

Since grunge hair intentionally looks a little messy and lived-in, you don’t have to worry about keeping it looking “fresh” in the traditional sense. Focus more on using texture sprays and dry shampoo to revive the piecey-ness and volume when needed.

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